We carry on our academic activities even in these troubled times-Prof. Tasnim Ahsan


Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases at JPMC-II

We carry on our academic activities even in
these troubled times - Prof. Tasnim Ahsan

Appreciates Prof. Tiret to come to Pakistan, teach
and train Pakistani surgeons

Best surgeons are those who are willing to give, teach and train
others which are very few in Pakistan - Prof. Mumtaz Maher

KARACHI: Keeping up its past traditions for the last nine years, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center Colorectal Division in Department of Surgery organized its 9th Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases from September 29th to October 2nd 2014.  Prof. Emmanuel Tiret MD, FRCS an eminent colorectal surgeon from Hospital Saint Antonie, Paris France was the Master Trainer who besides making some presentations on different aspects of colorectal disease also demonstrated live various surgical procedures.  This academic activity as usual attracted surgeons from all over Pakistan who are keen to learn. Registration as usual was free and participants came from Hyderabad, Lahore but the largest delegation of twenty two surgeons came from Khyber PK province. The meeting was also attended by a number of surgeons from various hospitals in Karachi.

Surgeon Moizuddin and Prof. Tasnim Ahsan Director JPMC presenting
a mementoe to the visiting Master Trainer from France Prof. Emmanuel Tiret
at the concluding session of Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases held at JPMC.

Speaking in the inaugural session Prof. Tasnim Ahsan Executive Director of JPMC said that we carry on our academic activities even in these troubled times when the future of this hospital is still uncertain whether it will remain as an independent institution under federal government or will be taken over by the provincial government.  Despite resource constraints, we try to keep pace with what is happening in the field of medicine. She commended the efforts of the Colorectal Division in Department of Surgery for maintaining this academic activity for the last nine years which was indeed commendable. This is a service to the patients as well as the institution. Referring to the disturbed political situation and the law and order situation which was not so good, she said, we choose to live here and face all this. Addressing the master trainer, she said, we have tremendous respect for you to have come here to teach and train Pakistani surgeons.

Prof. Mumtaz Maher a well known surgeon who in fact initiated this academic activity when he was serving at JPMC in his speech said that these Master Trainers who come to teach here have tremendous passion and enthusiasm for surgery. They have tremendous achievements and accomplishments to their credit. We in Pakistan have surgeons who are average, some are goo and some are very good but the best surgeons are those who are willing to give, teach and train others which are very few. We used to travel a lot and still go overseas to learn but for the younger generation of surgeons, now even getting visa is difficult and above all going abroad and getting training was all very expensive. These academic activities which are organized here locally provide you an opportunity to learn from these world renowned surgeons and interact with them. Try to make maximum use of their presence, he remarked.

According to Prof. Mumtaz Maher Chairman of this course, the objectives of this Continuing Medical Education activity were as under:

  1. Demonstration of surgery for ulcerative colitis, rectal cancer, rectal Prolapse and complex anal conditions i.e. fistula, sphincter damage etc.
  2. To emphasize recent developments in the field and current areas of controversies.
  3. To hold informative discussion on various techniques and complications.

The target audience for this four days course was surgeons interested in colorectal surgery.

Prof. Emmanuel Tiret also briefly addressed the participants and said he was delighted to be in Pakistan and thanked the organizers for the exceptional hospitality. Earlier Dr. Shamim Qureshi organizing secretary and man behind this academic activity in his welcome address gave some historical back ground how this surgical week for colorectal diseases started and over the years a number of eminent colorectal surgeons from all over the world have come here and taught trained Pakistani surgeons. He particularly thanked Prof. Mumtaz Maher who thought of this idea and started it many years ago and we have tried to continue this over the years. He also commended the administration of JPMC and its Executive Director Prof. Tasnim Ahsan in particular for providing all the help and assistance for the success of this surgical week. This will definitely enhance our surgical skills besides improving patient care. Continuing Dr. Shamim Qureshi said that this year we have also invited Dr. Shahid Khattak an eminent surgeon from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital from Lahore, who will be showing some of the surgeries while two radiologists have also been invited to make presentations, he added.

The organizers had made excellent arrangements for the course. All the surgical procedures were shown live from the operation theater to the audience in the auditorium. There was two way links for communication between the operation theatre and the auditorium which enabled the moderators and participants sitting in the auditorium to ask questions to the Master Trainer. Everything worked exceptionally well for which the credit goes to Mr. Shams who is in charge of these responsibilities for the last many years.

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