Live surgical demonstration through Video link at major cities may be possible from next year


Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases at JPMC-III

Live surgical demonstration through Video link
at major cities may be possible from next year

Formation of Society of Colorectal Surgeons also
discussed by the course participants

KARACHI: Participants in the Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases at JPMC now running for the last nine years before the concluding session were asked to give their feedback how to improve its scientific programe. Participating in the discussion Prof. Mumtaz Maher suggested that keeping in view the interest and enthusiasm of the surgeons from Peshawar; let us look into the possibilities of having a one day session at Peshawar from the next year. At this Dr. Shamim Qureshi said that it may not be possible for various reasons. We did try it once at Lahore but after having worked here for four days, the Master Trainer is thoroughly exhausted and he is tired, hence cannot give his best later. Prof. Mumtaz Maher suggested that we can look into this problem and see if we can make some changes in the programme so that the Master Trainer is not exhausted and tired. One way will be to eliminate the Dinners which waste lot of time. The Master Trainer can have dinner with two three people and go to bed early so that he wakes up in the morning fresh. If he is at the dinner till 11.00 PM, goes to sleep late, then he is definitely tired and this can be eliminated. As regards interaction with the participants, they have enough time during the day to interact with him, talk to him and listen to him.

Dr. Shamim Qureshi suggested that instead we can organize live demonstration in major cities of Pakistan if the surgeons there are keen and interested and it will not be very expensive. They just have to pay nominal charges for transmitting this live which won’t be more than forty to fifty thousand rupees and it can be organized. Surgeons from PIMS Islamabad also showed interest and said they will be willing to pay and opt for this live demonstration for their colleagues at Rawalpindi-Islamabad. The same can be arranged for surgeons in Peshawar and Lahore as well if they are interested, Dr.Shamim Qureshi remarked.

One of the participants also suggested that we should form a Society of Colorectal Surgeons for dissemination of surgical skills in the field of colorectal surgery. At this, Prof. Mumtaz Maher said that surgeons have lot of ego; they will have to overcome this, before one can think of forming a Society of Colorectal Surgeons. Prof. Mumtaz Maher further stated that people, who come here to participate in this course, should start doing these procedures when they go back to their respective centers. Another delegate suggested more participation of Pakistanis in showing surgical procedures rather than sitting among the audience. Prof. Mumtaz Maher continuing the discussion said that over the years we have learnt that we should not present the most difficult cases to the master trainers and test their surgical skills. Instead we have decided to provide them simple cases so that they can demonstrate their surgical kills with ease which is far better for the participants. If we provide them the testing and demanding cases, they won’t be able to do more cases. Our focus has always been on younger generation of surgeons who cannot go abroad. What we have seen over the years is that people come here, listen but many of them do not take it up. Those who take it up are very few. I have myself shown and demonstrated these surgical techniques in major cities of Pakistan. He urged his surgical colleagues to start laparoscopic colonic surgery. For this, it is extremely important that you make up a team and start doing it which will give better results. Prof. Abdul Aziz Laghari from Liaquat University of Medial and Health Sciences felt that we can start a few weeks Diploma in Colorectal Surgery which will be helpful for those who wish to adopt colorectal surgery as their career.

In the formal concluding session which followed, Surgeon Moizuddin Visiting Surgeon at Indus Hospital was the guest of honour. Speaking in this session Prof. Mumtaz Maher said that surgery was like a new language which can only be learnt with practice and it is not easy. One needs to practice it. Our Master Trainer this year is a well known colorectal surgeon from Europe who practices at Paris in France. He commended his contributions by saying that by teaching and training here, he has left his marks for ever for which we are extremely grateful.

Prof. Tasnim Ahsan Executive Director of JPMC appreciated the fact that this academic programe is being organized every year. After 9/11 the world has changed a lot and the Muslims have to pay a heavy price for all this though a vast majority of them do not subscribe to the ideology being promoted by a few.

Prof. Emmanuel Tiret in his speech said that there is no doubt that it is not easy to go abroad and once you are overseas, you naturally get tired and exhausted while you have to work in an environment which is not known to you, you have to do surgery with a team which is not earlier known to you. However, I am extremely happy to have come here and enjoyed each and every moment of my visit to Pakistan.

Surgeon Moizuddin addressing the participants said that this tradition of having Surgical Week for Colorectal Diseases was initiated by Prof. Mumtaz Maher and after his retirement, Dr.Shamim Qureshi and his team has kept it up which is indeed commendable. He also appreciated the courage of the Master Trainer Prof. Emmanuel Tiret to have come to Pakistan. He also appreciated his stamina for working with a team which is not known to him and the unfamiliar working environment. He also commended Prof. Mumtaz Maher saying that he had great experience but he has left behind a team which carries on this academic activity, that is something great, he remarked.

Later members of the surgical team, anaesthesia team, operation theatre technicians as well as representatives of various pharmaceutical companies and electro medical equipments who had extended their valuable help to make it a success were presented certificates and mementoes by the Master Trainer Prof. Emmanuel Tiret. Mr. Shams who was the man behind the whole recording, live demonstration being shown from the Operation Theatre to the audience in the Auditorium and also photography presented a photo Album to Prof. Emmanuel Tiret which will remind him of his visit to Pakistan. Responding to an enquiry from the participants Dr. Shamim Qureshi said that Live Demonstration Videos of all the master trainers who came to Pakistan and operated here are available with Mr. Shams and those who are interested can place an order and it will be delivered to them.