Inauguration of Memory Clinic at PIMS by Alzheimer Society


 Inauguration of Memory Clinic
at PIMS by Alzheimer Society

ISLAMABAD: Alzheimer is one of the most common causes of dementia with 35.6 million people suffering from this disorder world wide. Approximately, 7.7 million cases were estimated to be added each year. The Dept. of psychiatry at PIMS organized a meeting chaired by Prof. Rizwan Taj on 13th September 2012 where Mr. Frank Schaper, CEO, Alzheimer Australia was the chief guest. Prof. Rizwan Taj shared the different aspects of dementia in global perspectives as well as with reference to Pakistan. He also mentioned that the average life expectancy is on rise in developing countries like Pakistan besides the prevalence of dementia which was also increasing among 65 + individuals. Therefore, among the aged persons, this disease will be higher which ultimately have great burden on the resources. The establishment of special clinics and training of first line health workers will be helpful in the management of this disease.

Prof. Rizwan Taj along with Frank Schaper, CEO Alzheimer Australia
photographed after the formal inauguration of
Memory Clinic at PIMS 

Mr. Abdul Basit, Secretary General, Alzheimer Pakistan Rawalpindi chapter, highlighted the role of his organization in creating awareness among the masses either through electronic media or symposia and seminar. He mentioned the role of volunteers for the support of care givers and patients.
Mr. Frank Schaper, CEO, Alzheimer Australia, shared his experiences with the audience and threw light on the massive impact of dementia on the limited resources of developing countries. He also mentioned the role of care givers and community in the management of dementia patients. The federal government of Australia allocate 300 million dollar for the management of the disease in Australian community. The training of the care givers and community may help in the management of the disease. Mr. Schaper also appreciated the extensive network of first line health care workers like lady health workers in Pakistan and mentioned the possible role of the trained workers in the diagnosis and management of the disease. He also offered to share their experiences regarding the modeling and management of dementias among Pakistani population.
Mr. Hussain Jafri, Secretary General, Alzheimer Pakistan, spoke about objectives of their organization and also pointed out the community role in the management of the disease. He also mentioned different MOUs signed to train lady health workers in Punjab.

Inauguration of Memory Clinic

Mr. Frank Schaper, CEO, Alzheimer Australia inaugurated the first memory clinic being established at department of psychiatry PIMS Islamabad on 13th September 2012. Prof. Dr. Rizwan Taj, Head of psychiatry department, elaborated the objectives of this clinic to the honourable guests. He further mentioned the available facilities for the diagnosis and outcome of the patients belonging to different areas of Pakistan including KPK, AJK and vicinity of Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. The establishment of this memory clinic was carried out through internal resources, which indicates the commitment of the department in developing a base for tackling the upcoming issues due to memory loss.