PharmEvo launches NISE initiative in spreading e Health


MOU signed with PTCL
PharmEvo launches NISE
initiative in spreading e Health

KARACHI: PharmEvo the leading national pharmaceutical company known for its ethical marketing practices has launched NISE initiative in spreading e Health. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between PharmEvo and PTCL in Karachi on October 5th by Mr. Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer of PharmEvo and Mr. Zaman Gulzar Executive Vice President of PTCL.

Mr. Syed Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer PharmEvo and Mr. Zaman Gulzar
EVP PTCL signing a memorandum of understanding “NISE initiative to promote e Health”
at Karachi recently. Also seen in the picture are Mr. Naveed Ahmad and Mr.Rizwan Bhutta

Speaking at the occasion Syed Jamshed Ahmad said that their mission in PharmEvo has been to evolve marketing practices in the industry in positive direction. He further stated that so far they had established thirteen digital libraries in various medical universities and medical colleges all over the country. A large number of members of the medical profession, faculty members of these institutors have been trained in these digital libraries how to use power points for making presentation, how to use Excel and do literature search etc. PharmEvo has also set up six research centers fully sponsored by PharmEvo from where twenty four publications have been published so far while work on many more was continuing. We wish to have ethical, transparent and professional interaction with the healthcare professionals, he added. 
Under this new project which PharmEvo has initiated, ViFi Zones will be created in hospitals and medical colleges so that it helps the researchers and faculty members to have internet access so that they can do proper literature search to complete their studies and also have easy access to a large number of medical journals and medical books which are available online. Revolution in the Information technology has helped a lot in making unprecedented progress in the field of medicine and we come to know of new innovations with the every passing day. This project will enable healthcare professionals to access telemedicine as well as advances in health screening and assessment, computer based training and education in different fields of medicine, and information available on database search sites. It will also enable them to communicate and exchange invaluable expertise with each other thus helping them in treating difficult and complicated cases by seeking expert opinion online.It will improve the quality of healthcare and the ultimate beneficiary will be the patients, he remarked.
Mr. Zaman Gulzar EVP PTCL in his speech commended the vision of PharmEvo and termed it a good initiative which will help the physicians make quick decisions. PTCL, he said, has a product which is known as Evo and this service is available in two hundred fifty cities of Pakistan. By using information technology in the positive direction, we can eliminate poverty. People are thus empowered to take decisions rather than some one dictating them to do it. These developments in information technology will help the physicians improve their decision making and thus save precious lives. He praised the ethical marketing practices by PharmEvo and felt that such initiatives are sustainable in the long run while unethical marketing practices cannot be productive on long term basis. We in PTCL, Mr. Zaman Gulzar stated are delighted to be a partner in this innovative project and will be too glad to provide this technology.