CAD has early onset in Asia and 50% of global deaths are due to heart diseases-Prof. Khan Shah Zaman Khan


World Heart Day meeting by Pakistan Cardiac Society
CAD has early onset in Asia and 50%
global deaths are due to heart
diseases - Prof. Khan Shah Zaman
Regular exercise along with medications 
gives better results - Prof. Peerzada Qasim

KARACHI: Pakistan Cardiac Society in collaboration with World Heart Federation, NICVD and PharmEvo organized a function to celebrate World Heart Day at Karachi Arts Council recently. The objective was to create awareness about cardiovascular diseases among public and spread this message through the media. Prof. Khan Shah Zaman Director NICVD was the main speaker while the experts panel included Prof. Khawar Kazmi from AKUH, Dr. Basheer Haneef from Taba Heart Institute, Dr. A. Rashid from Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Prof. Mansoor Ahmad and Prof. Khalida Soomro from DUHS. The programme was conducted by Mr. Behrooz Sabzwari while Dr. Ishtiaq Rasool from NICVD acted as the moderator. Prof. Peerzada Qasim Vice Chancellor of Ziauddin Medial University was the chief guest.

Pakistan Cardiac Society in collaboration with PharmEvo organized World Heart Day meeting at Karachi Arts
Council recently. Group photograph taken on this occasion shows Peerzada Qasim VC Ziauddin University
who was the chief guest, Prof. Khan Shah Zama the main speaker and the panelists and moderator
which included Dr. Ishtiaq Rasool, Prof. Khawar Kazmi, Prof. Mansoor Ahmad, Prof. Khalida Soomro,
and Dr. A. Rashid Khan
along with office bearers of Karachi Arts Council.

In his speech Prof. Peerzada Qasim commended the efforts of Pakistan Cardiac Society and said that healthy heart will ensure healthy body. Regular exercise gives better results when combined with medications. He urged the participants to control obesity, weight gain and control the known risk factors besides promoting humanism and humanistic approach in tackling the diseases.

Prof. Khan Shah Zaman Khan in his presentation said that doctors promote primary prevention so that people do not fall sick. According to World Heart Federation it is the poor who suffer the most from heart diseases. Non communicable diseases like diabetes, CAD, Cancer etc., now account for 60% of global death, 79% of these deaths are in developing countries while 50% of these deaths are attributed to heart diseases. The number of people dying in India and China from heart diseases is more than the developed world put together. CAD has an early onset in Asia. In NICVD most of the admissions are of patients between the ages of 30-50 years, 36% of diabetics in Pakistan are not aware that they are suffering from diabetes and only 3% of these diabetics are under control. Central or abdominal obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome are higher in CAD.
Speaking about risk reduction he laid emphasis on educating the population particularly children to have healthy food, life style changes, avoid animal food and ensure increased use of vegetables and fruits. There is emphasis on primary prevention of all diseases the world over. During the discussion the increasing trend of using junk food by children, emergence of fast food restaurants which are very popular was highlighted. Media was asked to educate the public on use of healthy food and health issues. Garlic it was stated does reduce cholesterol but the amount of garlic needed is much more One can take all these food supplements along with the medications to have better effects. One should use fresh fruit, vegetables, consume less fat, use white meat i.e. chicken or fish more often, avoid smoking and use of tobacco in every form. Offering prayers five times a day was an excellent way of exercise of all body organs and about forty five minutes of exercise daily is considered good enough. Mr. Ahmad Shah President Karachi Arts Council also briefly addressed the participants and offered their all out help and assistance in organizing such health education programmes at the Arts Council premises.

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