Searle acquires 3rd largest infusion manufacturing facility in Pakistan




Searle acquires 3rd largest infusion
manufacturing facility in Pakistan
We are confident to achieve a sustained growth
in the coming years - Mr. Syed Nadeem Ahmed
Let us learn from our past mistakes and turn
them into strength-Mr. Hasan Tariq Khan

ISLAMABAD: Searle, one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Pakistan having ambitious expansion plans has acquired the third largest infusion manufacturing facility in Pakistan. To celebrate this event and addition of a new business segment, the company organized a launch event at Serena Hotel, Islamabad on 18th August, 2013 which was largely attended by the senior executives of the company, marketing personnel and field force besides distributors. Searle infusion marks the addition of a complete IV segment to the company operations in Pakistan which is another great milestone in the history of the company.
Speaking at the occasion Mr. Syed Nadeem Ahmed, Managing Director of The Searle Company Limited, shared the company’s vision and objectives with the particpants. In his inspirational address he called upon everyone affiliated with Searle to meet the demand of changing times keeping in view the market dynamics. He explained the road map on which Searle has been moving on since day one and have achieved success after success. He also referred to Searle’s present marketing standing and its strength. The launch and addition of Searle Infusions will prove a very strong pillar for the company’s further growth and strength, Dr. Nadeem Ahmed remarked.
Searle at present is the third largest national pharmaceutical company at No. 8 as per IMS ranking with a sale of over seven billions annually. It is perhaps the most potential growing pharmaceutical concern in the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry. Acquisition of this Infusion manufacturing facility is yet another step to keep pace with its expansion plans.
Mr. Mansoor Dilawar, Chief Executive of Mac and Rains Pharmaceuticals in his speech on this occasion congratulated Searle’s management and its Managing Director in particular for acquiring this new business segment which he hoped, will ensure bright future for the company. He also shared with the participants the best and worst times he had seen in business but it was devotion and dedication which eventually lead to the success. He also shed light on his relationship with Searle and the role he played in Searle’s acqusition of this infusion manufacturing facility.
The event also marked the presence of Searle in the market of Infusions boosting confidence to the valued distributors and business partners as well as the future stakeholders. It also helped to inspire and motivate the team to work hard to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Formal production at this Infusion manufacturing facility was commissioned on September 1st 2013. The plant has a production capacity of 7.5 million bottles bi-annually which will not only meet the excess demands of the market but also raise the quality standards of infusion preparation marketed in Pakistan.
Addressing the participants Mr. Hasan Tariq Khan, Deputy Managing Director of The Searle Company, shared the achievements of the company so far in its long journey of success. The acquisition of this Infusion manufacturing facility, he said marks the start of a new era in Searle’s history. He laid emphasis on learning from previous mistakes and converting them into strength.
Mr. Qaisar Abbas, Managing Director of IBL and Business Manager IBL Mr. Iqbal Jaffry presented detailed introduction of the IBL group and how effective its distribution network is, which will ensure smooth and efficient distribution of Searle Infusions preparations all over the country once the operations get started. They also highlighted Searle’s accomplishments so far including the acquisition of this new Infusion manufacturing facility.
Then came the most auspicious moment of the cermony when Mr. Syed Nadeem Ahmed was invited to receive the symbolic Key as a sign of transfer of management and operations of this newly acquired Infusions manufacturing facility from the Chief Executive Officer of the acquired firm.
Mr. Irfan Akram, Director Marketing and Business Operations of Searle Infusions welcomed all the stakeholders onboard for the business of Searle Infusions. He then elaborated the Vision of Searle Infusions for the next five years and promised to ensure availability of international standard quality Infusions preparations in the market. He also responded to trade related queries from business partners and distributors so that they feel comfortable while dealing with Searle. This was followed by presentation of mementoes among the distributors for motivation and recognition of their important role. Since all the stakeholders of the company are its greatest asset, Searle wishes to retain their best interests, offering them encouragement assuring them that they are an integral part of the company and its Mission. The ceremony concluded with a group photograph of all the participants. The event was conducted by Mr. Junaid Ahmed Product Manager of Searle Infusions.
It is to be mentioned here that Searle was renamed as The Searle Company Ltd. (TSCL) and its manufacturing facility conforms to the strict requirements of Current Good Manufacturing Practices and employs systems and procedures of the highest standard to provide manufacturing, quality control, warehousing and physical distribution services to the company, medical professionals and the end users. It has over eight hundred permanent employees. The company and its plant are being expanded in all areas to cater the growing need of the market in every segment, keeping in view the future requirements of present portfolio. Searle has got four state of the art manufacturing facilities located at Karachi and Lahore, whereas this acquisition marks to be the fifth one. The company has consistently invested heavily in new technologies and state of the art equipment which has been instrumental in improving the plant efficiency and curtailing manufacturing costs.
TSCL has fully developed and professional marketing operations which are divided into four separate business lines. The first one deal with G.D. Searle, Grunenthal Germany, Forest Laboratories UK, 3M England, Orion Pharma Finland, Lisapharma Italy and SPL’s own developed products .This unit is headed by Director Marketing Searle Pharma. The second line deals with products licensed from Sanofi-Aventis, as well as Menarini and SPL’s own developed products which is headed by Director Searle Marketing Division-II. The third line deals with consumer preparations and is supervised by Group Brand Manager, Customer Products. The Fourth line deals with export business.This international business division is headed by Senior Manager International Business. Searle enjoys an excellent reputation in the pharmaceuticals market marketing quality healthcare products committed to research and development upholding professional ethics in its business operations. TSCL is conscious of its corporate social responsibilities and is determined to contribute to the overall development of the society and environment. It promotes team spirit amongst the employees while maintaining their individuality and every one is encouraged to think and strive to achieve their true potential.