We are in irregular war for the last five years and we are reluctant to name our enemy-Lt.Gen. Syed Tanwir Hussain Naqvi


Atco Literary Society meeting

We are in irregular war for the last five years
and we are reluctant to name our 
enemy-Lt.Gen. Syed Tanwir Hussain Naqvi

Brig. A.R. Siddiqui recalls the events before and during 1965 War with India

KARACHI: Atco Literary Society organized a commemorative meeting to remember the 17th day 1965 war with India at a local hotel on September 14th 2013. Brig. Abdul Rahman Siddiqui the Veteran soldier, Veteran writer and military analyst was the guest speaker who presented a critical appraisal of the 1965 War. Lt.Gen. Syed Tanwir Hussain Naqvi chaired the meeting which was attended by a select gathering from the civil society including healthcare professionals, Pharma industry and media.

Photographed at the Atco Literary Society meeting held at Karachi recently from
(L to R) are Mr. Saeed Allawala Chief Executive ATCO, Mr. Naseem Allawala,
Lt. Gen. Syed Tanwir Hussain Naqvi, Brig. A. R. Siddiqui, Mr. Muhammad
Reza Kazimi and Mr. Farhan Raza President of Atco Literary Society.

In his presentation Brig. A. R.Siddiqui said that this war was perhaps started in view of the past glory of Muslims in India but it was not well planned nor supported by various institutions of the state. Pakistan, he opined, lost an opportunity to win this war. If our success was not as expected, the enemy also did not fair better despite its superiority in forces and equipment. He then gave sector wise details of war on different fronts. The war, he said, had actually started in April at a very small scale and on 29th of May ceasefire was announced. But at the same time the Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadar Shastri had made a very important statement that next time the time of war and place of war will be of our choice which was very significant and our leadership should have taken note of it. And when the war actually started again on September 6th, we lost war of Gibraltar and Air Marshal Nur Khan was very sour about it. This was lost in four five days. Then we started operation Grand Salam and then the war spread to Sialkot sector. He quoted different instances where the military leadership of that time made mistakes, changed the commanders but even in the worst circumstances, we did make some advance in some sectors. Eventually both sides suffered losses and then agreed to negotiate final ceasefire and we lost a chance to win a War, he added.
Lt. Gen. Syed Tanwir Hussain Naqvi in his address said that forty eight years have passed the 1965 War and many people have expressed their views and people will continue to express their views. We must remember that at that time both India and Pakistan were just eighteen years old Nations. A nation is only a collection of individuals and what you can expect from an eighteen years old Nation. Both young nations were busy in solving their problems and they had no experience of Governance and had no strategy either. We had no infrastructure. Even today we have eaten up our institutions like Pakistan Railways and PIA just to mention a few. The 1965 war started from Kashmir and it began at someone’s initiative but the objective was not achieved. It was a stalemate. Both Pakistan and India were not prepared for War but even then they went for a War. And when you have wrong men at wrong places, what else you can expect. You make some changes and then try to cover some losses and you try to do best under worst circumstances. The idea of recalling all these events is that if a similar situation arises again, our performance should be better.
Continuing Gen. Tanwir Hussain Naqvi said that the things have moved on and the future war is going to be different. We are already in a war. It is an irregular war in which the enemy starts to kill ordinary citizens so that they turn against the government, they try to hit at economic interests, hit the civil armed forces, the police and then the armed forces itself. We have seen all that even they have hit the GHQ. We have to prepare for such a war but we are still hesitant to identify the enemy. Unless you say that, you cannot plan any strategy. Look what the American did. After the humiliation in Vietnam, they identified their enemy which was Islam and the Muslims and they have gone after that. United States suffered the greatest humiliation at the hands of any Muslim country in Iran when their plan to rescue their embassy staff failed. On the other hand they had successful operation in Abbottabad in Pakistan and got rid of Obama Bin Laden. Unless we identify our enemy, we cannot take even the first step. One should have the determination to fight and win the war. Fight to Win or better to negotiate. Responding to some questions from the audience, Gen. Tanwir Hussain Naqvi said that we need a larger framework of policy, how we are going to fight and plan economic, financial strategy. Every one has to be involved in a War. As the time goes on our enemy is encircling. In this irregular war, they are attacking our economic targets. How advanced is our adversary that they do not accept our constitution. If we do not stand up and fight, we cannot win this War. Let us develop some programme so that we survive as a Nation. We must reduce the killing of citizens and free ordinary people of this country. Peace is the way humanity should go and War is only for self defense and we must stand up and fight in self defense. When the debate heated up, Gen.Naqvi said, you can have your own observations but I won’t allow this meeting to be converted into a political discussion.
Gen. Naqvi’s address had prompted many among the audience to ask questions but the compeer Muhammad Reza Kazimi said that we had not planned any question answer session and we have to close it but when some participants insisted and were bent upon asking questions, the host Mr. Saeed Allawala Chief of Atco Laboratories came to the mike and said “ Gentlemen, the War has ended, Generals have gone back to their seats and now you listen to a Civilian” and thus closed the deliberations thanking both the guest speaker, the chief guest and the participants for gracing the occasion. Mr.Farhan Raza, President Atco Literary Society also thanked the speakers and the participants.

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