Vaccine for Covid19 being considered great breakthrough


Vaccine for Covid19 being
considered great breakthrough
However it is too early to come to the
conclusions as many countries have eliminated
COVID by just preventive measures

WASHINGTON: Announcement by one of the teams developing vaccine for COVID19 claiming 90% effectiveness against the illness is being considered as a great break through. The business has also responded in a very positive way but it is too early to come to any conclusions. One still does not know if it has any side effects. It is also important to note that quite a few countries have eliminated Covid19 just by practicing preventive measures alone like social distancing, use of masks etc. and they may not need any vaccination.

Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer has announced that more than forty thousand people were involved in the tests and the result have been proved it to be a “critical milestone” in the search for a vaccine as global infection has increased manifold crossing fifty million and almost one sixth of these patients are in United States of America. What was the age of the participants who were included in the trial of this vaccine is not yet known. It is generally believed that if a vaccine has to reduce severe disease and death, enable the people at large to return to their normal routine, it has got to be effective in older and elderly members of the society. Many other companies in various countries are also searching for a possible effective vaccine.

President-elect Joe Biden of United States has congratulated the brilliant men and women who were engaged in this breakthrough of developing a vaccine and he has also announced a Task Force for Covid19. In the meantime countries all over the world are trying to tackle this pandemic benefitting from each other’s experience and there is a general feeling that it was too early to claim success or victory against this pandemic.

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