United States leads the World in COVID19 cases and Deaths due to this disease


United States leads the World in COVID19 
cases and Deaths due to this disease
It also shows that US failed at almost every step
& exposes its healthcare system
Let us not experiment with Americanization of
Health Services which is a sure Prescription for Disaster

By Shaukat Ali Jawaid

KARACHI: United States of America the richest country in the world also leads in the number of cases of COVID19 and deaths related to this disease. This also exposes its healthcare system, hence our Health Planners and Health Managers should desist from experimenting with Americanization of Pakistan’s Health Services which is a sure prescription for disaster. On the contrary, let us learn from the success story of the neighbouring countries like Islamic Republic of Iran which has one of the best primary healthcare, Sir Lanka with commendable health indicators and even Bangladesh which has made tremendous progress as its leadership had foresight, vision and relied on local talent rather than looking for overseas experts.

American failure can be further judged while comparing its COVID19 cases and number of death with Japan which has much more larger vulnerable elderly population. Writing in an editorial “Dying in a Leadership Vacuum” the Editors of World’s most prestigious medical journal, New England Journal of Medicine has highlighted various issues related to COVID19 and the failures of United States of America. It further states that even Low and Middle Income Countries like Vietnam has done much better than United States. China they opine, “Chose strict quarantine and isolation after an initial delay. These measures were severe but effective, essentially eliminating transmission at the point where the outbreak began and reducing the death rate to a reported three per million”. What could be more surprising that United States did not have the even most basic personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and the general public? The problem of COVID19 became severe in those countries where the people do not wear masks and did not practice social distancing. Leadership in United States stated that masks were political tools rather than effective infection control measures, hence paid the price. Another blunder which the US is reported to have made was that “instead of relying on expertize, the administration had turned to un-informed opinion leaders and Charlatans who obscured the truth and facilitated the promulgation of outright lies”.

It is time that our medical leadership wakes up and tell the politicians that enough was enough and let us plan better to ensure healthy Nation. Instead of taking care and promoting the interests of the private hospitals and insurance companies, let us spend more on prevention of diseases, promotion of primary health care by involving the General Practitioners/Family Physicians by asking them to register families and then pay them to take care of common diseases which will also reduce rush on secondary and tertiary care facilities. Prepare an Essential Drugs List following the WHO guidelines and ensure free availability of these drugs at all the healthcare facilities.

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