With 7 Campuses, 200 programmes, 3000 academic faculty & 40,000 students, UOL has emerged as biggest university in private sector


Dr. Shahid Mahmood Malik says
With 7 Campuses, 200 programmes, 3000
academic faculty & 40,000 students, UOL
has emerged as biggest university in
private sector
Medical Universities in Public and Private sector in
Lahore now work as a family-Prof. Javed Akram

LAHORE: Things are changing fast in Pakistan and this change is a positive change. We now see increasing collaboration and cooperation not only between various public sector universities but also increasing co-ordination between the public and private sector medical universities. The recently organized First International Dental Conference by the University of Health Sciences Lahore had full support by the University of Lahore which was one of the major sponsors of this academic activity. University of Lahore hosted a dinner in honour of the visiting foreign delegates at a local restaurant on October 3, 2019 besides hosting Conference Dinner and cultural programme in honour of the visiting guest speakers and other faculty members, speakers at the university Campus on October 4th 2019. Dr. Tahir Ali Javed Advisor to the Federal Health Minister was the Guest of Honour on this occasion. Founder and Patron of the University Mr. M.A. Rauf graced the occasion with his presence on both the occasions while Mr. Awais Rauf Chairman of the University was also present.

Welcoming the guests Mr. Awais Rauf commended the collaboration between the University of Health Sciences and University of Lahore in this academic activity and hoped it will give impetus to research development to international standards. It will also help dental sciences to progress together.

University of Lahore hosted a dinner and cultural programme in honour of the delegates of
First Int. Dental Conference organized by UHS Lahore. Picture on left shows Prof. Mughis
Baig Principal Dental College presenting memento to Prof. Andrew Edwards from Royal
College of Physicians, Surgeons Glasgow and on right Mr. Awais Rauf presenting
Memento to Dr. Tahir Javed.

Prof. Javed Akram Vice Chancellor of UHS who was the chief guest in his speech said that it has been a great partnership with University of Lahore. Before he took over as VC UHS, there were lot of legal issues. We were fighting court battles against each other but we met and decided to resolve all our issues and now we work as a family. We are no longer competing against each other and without collaboration and cooperation we cannot progress forward. We are partnering with the private sector universities, we work with harmony among the faculty members of each other’s institution and we will continue to work together to bring about a positive meaningful change in the field of medical education and health services in Pakistan.

Prof. Shahid Mahmood Malik Pro-Rector of University of Lahore in his keynote speech pointed out that Mr. M.A. Rauf conceived a vision in 1999 to establish a world class university in Pakistan. He met me as a patient in 2007 and I could see lot of passion and determination in him. Now with the grace of God Almighty with seven campuses, forty academic departments, two hundred programmes, three thousand academic faculty of which 19% are PhDs, 30% postgraduates, over forty thousand students, University of Lahore has emerged as the biggest university in private sector in Pakistan. We follow integrated modular system, have introduced Mentorship programme and the university has seen tremendous growth during the last twenty years. It continues to grow and still has great potential for further growth. Things, Prof. Shahid Mahmood Malik further stated, are happening at a fast pace and with public, private partnership in the field of medical education and health services, we will also cooperate with King Edward Medical University and Fatima Jinnah Medical University. Together we can achieve a lot and sky is the limit, he remarked.

Prof. Mughees Baig Principal of the Dental College at UOL speaking at the occasion said that we have introduced the integrated curriculum. We have a 450-bed teaching hospital. He laid emphasis that we need to improve our communication with the patients. We have to be good Role Models. He also suggested that the Mentorship programme should be introduced in other universities as well.

Distinguished delegates to the Int. Dental Conference organized by UHS photographed at
the Cultural Evening and Conference Dinner hosted by University of Lahore alongwith
Senior executives of UOL, Vice Chancellors of UHS Prof. Javed Akram (Chief Guest),
VC KEMU Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal and Dr. Tariq  
Javed Advisor to Health Minister
who was the Guest of Honour.

Prof. Andrew Edwards an eminent dental surgeon who is also Dean of Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons Glasgow UK and who operated upon a patient at UOL Hospital speaking on this occasion described his observations. He stated that it was a wonderful experience to work and operate here in collaboration with Prof. Mughees Baig and this surgery lasted for couple of hours. I am extremely happy with the team with which I had to operate. The entire theatre staff, assistants, nurses and technicians were very competent, energetic and he felt comfortable working with them. It was a very complex case. The case selected was a redo surgery and such cases are always extremely difficult but we were happy with the end result. During the course we exchanged lot of ideas how to manage this patient. We had and discussed various plans and their ABCDs. It was very hectic. Lot of human factors comes in but the procedure went very well. He also gave some useful suggestions to his physician colleagues how to communicate with their patients, with their staff, with their colleagues and have utmost compassion for their patients.

Sharing his impressions one of the invited guest speakers from Egypt Dr. Hytham Abdel-Aziz said that he could see eagerness in the eyes of learners. It is good news for the teachers. The young fellows with whom we came across were eager to learn which will encourage us to come back again and again to Pakistan. We realized our responsibilities and we are here for the patient. We have to appreciate the pain, fear and keep the patient awake during different dental procedures. We have to be true curers and healers. He suggested that in future let us spend more time on work, teaching, training and performing surgical procedures and less time should be devoted to social activities.

Later Dr. Tahir Ali Javed in his speech congratulated the University of Lahore and its management. We cherish Mr. Rauf’s success and strength of his character, he remarked. Earlier while I was working as Provincial Health Minister in one of the previous Governments, I always asked the health department to look at issues sympathetically as UOL had some issues with the PM&DC as well as the DRAP. He appreciated implementing the idea of public-private partnership in health sector. Later he along with Mr. Awais Rauf presented mementoes among the invited guest speakers from overseas.