PMA rejects PMC Ordinance, Demand autonomous elected PM&DC


PMA rejects PMC Ordinance,
Demand autonomous elected PM&DC

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (C) has rejected the newly promulgated Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019 and has asked the democratic government to pave way for an autonomous, elected Pakistan Medical & Dental Council after taking all the stake holders into confidence. Addressing a press conference alongwith other office bearers at PMA House Karachi on October 25th Dr. Qaiser Sajjad Secretary General of PMA said that it is a national problem. The PM&DC is dead and we members of the medical profession are worried. It appears that the Government is supporting the vested interests. Instead of dissolving the council, the government should try to correct the deficiencies.

Dr. Qaisar Sajjad General Secretary  PMA (C) alongwith Dr. Jalaluddin Shaikh, Dr. Ikram
Tunio (President PMA Centre), Prof. S. Tipu Sultan and  Dr.Qazi M. Wasiq addressing  a
press conference at PMA House Karachi on Oct. 24th regarding the recently
promulgated PMC Ordinance 2019.

Prof. Tipu Sultan former President of PMA remarked that medical education has become a big business with the mushroom growth of medical and dental colleges with the result that the level of corruption has also increased in the PM&DC. Now businessmen, builders, real estate owners, even the Army, Air force and Navy as well have all established medical and dental colleges as it seems to be a very lucrative business. It is sad to see that there is none or very few educationists or Trusts, welfare Foundations who are running these educational institutions. It was also disclosed that they had even talked to the President Arif Alvi before the Ordinance and he had assured them that it will incorporate their viewpoint but it did not happen. PMA Dr. Qaiser Sajjad further disclosed was in touch with Dr. Zafar Mirza and Prof. Yasmin Rashid besides political parties to prevail upon them to play their role. PMA believes that denying healthcare to the people by going on strike is against professional ethics that is why we have always tried to even convince the young doctors but if no one hears them the situation might go out of our control as well and healthcare professionals all over the country might go on strike if that is the only way the government can listen. There is no dearth of honest, ethical people in the medical profession who should be consulted. Otherwise the measure being taken will encourage dishonesty, promote further corruption, coaching centers will emerge to prepare doctors for licensing examination and all this will lead to frustration and depression, they remarked.

The present PMC is a selected body dominated by the private medical institutions. It gives too much autonomy to the medical and dental colleges regarding charging tution fee, getting them affiliated with a university of their own choice but also provides for a Licensing Examination. We failed to check cheating in FSc exam, then entrance test and how we will check cheating in Licensing exam. The solution does not lie in increasing the number of exams bus solve the problem, ensure merit and transparency. They agreed that the politicization of the PM&DC during the tenure of Prof. Masood Hameed and Dr. Asim and failure of the medical profession to put their own house in order was also responsible for the present state of affairs to some extent. In view of the exorbitant fees now being charged, it won’t be possible for students from poor families to get admission in medical colleges. They thanked PPP, Jamat-e-Islami for their support. We will continue our efforts to convince the government but if it did not materialize, we may have to exercise other options available to us, they remarked.

Others who were present at the press conference included Dr. Ikram Tunio President PMA Centre, Dr. Jamaluddin Shaikh, and Dr. Qazi M. Wasiq.

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