Detect high blood pressure at a young age of less than thirtyYears to prevent later Complications - Prof. Samad


 Inaugural session of PHL conference
Detect high blood pressure at a young
age of less than 
thirtyYears to prevent 
later Complications - Prof. Samad
Doctors should work as Health Promoters rather
than Disease Merchants - Prof. Ejaz Ahmad Vohra

HYDERABAD: Healthcare professionals were advised to detect high blood pressure at fifteen to twenty years of age preferably before the age of thirty years to save the patients from later complications. If hypertension is diagnosed at the age of forty-five years or so, the patient might suffer from stroke, heart failure or might be already suffering from chronic kidney disease. This was stated by Prof. Abdus Samad an eminent cardiologist while speaking at the inaugural session of Pakistan Hypertension League’s 25th Annual Conference held at Hyderabad from October 28th to October 30th 2022. Prof. Fasih Hashmi from Isra Medical University was the Convener of the conference while Prof. Feroze Memon from Indus Medial College was the conference Patron. Prof. Nazir Ashraf Leghari Vice Chancellor of Isra Medical University was the Guest of Honour.

Continuing Prof. Abdus Samad said that one should know the cardiac output as well as the peripheral resistance. Blood pressure reduces cardiac output. Majority of the patients have less cardiac output while their peripheral resistance is greater, hence they need to be treated with vasodilators. A vast majority of the patients Prof. Samad further stated will require combination therapy of two to three drugs to control hypertension. One should check the other risk factors which should also be treated. He strongly recommended the use of Unipill therapy which is safe and effective. Now many new effective drugs are available with very few side effects. His advice to the participants was that while measuring the blood pressure, discard the first reading, then check the average blood pressure of second and third reading. An ideal blood pressure should be 120/80. If the BP is high, it will damage all organs of the body. He further suggested to check femoral artery blood pressure while blood pressure of foot should also be checked. One can also easily see high blood pressure in ophthalmic artery. The first indication for arthritis is also from ophthalmic artery. As such ophthalmic examination is very important in young patients. It will help diagnose blood pressure before the age of thirty years, he added.

Prof. Khalida Soomro, Prof. Abid Amin, Prof. M. Ishaq, Prof. Mansoor Ahmad and Prof. Rashid at the
Public Awareness Session organized by PHL at Hyderabad Press Club on October 28th 2022.   

Earlier Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra in his speech highlighted the importance of including layperson in such organizations like Pakistan Hypertension League. He also pointed out that even the General Medical Council of UK had included people from the community to evaluate and monitor the medical profession. He also laid emphasis on mass screening for high blood pressure. Dr. Shaukat Malik in Islamabad had used mosques to create awareness for high blood pressure. Similarly, one can use organized communities in various institutions for mass screening. He also suggested establishing Hypertension Clinics in all the major hospitals and provision of free drugs from the Essential Drugs list to the poor and needy patients who cannot afford to buy drugs. Doctors, Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra opined must work as health promoters rather than disease merchants. We need to accelerate our efforts to prevent deaths from all non-communicable diseases.

Prof. Nazir Ashraf Leghari Vice Chancellor of Isra Medical University in his speech said that when he returned to Hyderabad after completing his postgraduate training in UK in 1992, there was no academic culture and he organized the first academic session in Hyderabad. Now Hyderabad has become a center of academic activities for which the efforts of healthcare professionals of Hyderabad need to be commended and appreciated. At first people are reluctant to come to Hyderabad and when they come, they do not wish to go back, he remarked.

Prof. M. Ishaq, Prof. Mansoor Ahmed and Prof.Ejaz Ahmad Vohra being presented mementoes during the PHL annual conference held at Hyderabad last month.

Prof. M. Ishaq General Secretary of PHL in his speech gave the background of the formation of Pakistan Hypertension League, its accomplishments so far and said that it has also organized half a dozen certified courses for Family Physicians so that they can effectively treat hypertension.

Prof. Feroz Memon Patron of the conference said that such academic events provide an opportunity to get knowledge and promote social networking with the healthcare professions and share with them the knowledge and experience. Knowledge is same as wisdom hence we must promote wisdom and should be open to welcome and use new technology for the benefit of the patients.

Prof. Fasih Hashmi Convener of the conference shared the highlights of the scientific programme of the conference. He also pointed out that for the first time PHL is offering research awards to the young researchers sponsored by PharmEvo Research Forum to promote research culture. The inaugural session concluded with a cultural programme which depicted the culture of all the four provinces promoting national unity which has always been a hallmark of conferences organized in Hyderabad which must be appreciated and commended. 

Public Awareness Session 

Earlier a public awareness session was organized at Hyderabad Press Club. Panel of experts included Prof. M. Ishaq, Prof. Feroz Memon, Prof. Fasih Hashmi, Prof. Khalida Soomro, Prof. Mansoor Ahmed, Prof. Abid Amin and Prof. Adul Rashid besides Prof. Fawad Farooq. In his presentation Prof. Fawad Farooq from NICVD pointed out that high blood pressure keeps on silently affecting all the body organs. Generally, about 50% of the patients do not know they are suffering from high blood pressure, again fifty percent of them are on treatment while less than 50% achieve blood pressure control. Figures for Pakistan, he said are frightening. We at NICVD see daily about thirty patients who come with Acute Myocardial Infarction. High Blood Pressure can be easily detected with ECG. If it remains untreated, the patients may suffer from serious conditions like stroke, peripheral artery diseases can lead to amputation of foot. These are all result of delayed diagnosis. His advice was that all people must get their blood pressure checked regularly. Prof. Rashid stated that everyone from child to adult can suffer from high blood pressure. Prof. Mansoor advised that the patients must continue the drug therapy even if their blood pressure is under control.

 Prof. M. Ishaq being presented a Memento by Prof. Abdus Samad in recognition of his services for the PHL for the last twenty five years at PHL Conference Hyderabad. Also seen in the picture from (L to R) are
Prof. Rashid, Mrs. Ishaq, Prof. Feroz Memon, Prof. Mansoor and Prof. Fasih Hashmi.

Take safe and effective drugs which you can afford. Prof. Ishaq reiterated the importance of treatment and control of high blood pressure. He also advised to reduce the salt intake and regular physical activity besides using healthy balanced diet. Prof. Abid Amin urged the people to increase use of vegetables and fruits in their diet and reduce the use of carbohydrates. Prof. Khalida Soomro highlighted the importance of checking high blood pressure in women and giving due importance to treatment of hypertension during pregnancy. The healthcare professionals were also advised to check the blood pressure of every patient which come to them for any treatment besides prescribing low cost safe and effective drugs rather than promoting the drugs of pharma companies who look after them because compliance with drug therapy was extremely important for treatment of hypertension.

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