Research is useless if it is not available for policy making-Dr. Najib Al Shorbaji


 Research is useless if it is not available 
for policy making - Dr. Najib Al Shorbaji

Research should be done to solve problems and not
Promotions which should be a by-product

KARACHI: Any research is useless if it is not available for policy making. Doctors should do research to solve health problems and not for paper to get promotion which should be a by-product. This was stated by Dr. Najib Al Shorbaji former Director of Knowledge Management, Research and Ethics in World Health Organization. He was speaking at the Second International Medical Research Conference organized by Health Research Advisory Board (Health RAB) here on October 29th 2017. The conference was attended by eminent research scientists, Vice Chancellors of Medical Universities, Principals of Medical Colleges and Deans and selected faculty members from all over the country.

Dr. Najib Al Shorbaji opined that one can join the knowledge generation cycle at any time. He laid emphasis on data collection, documentation, publishing and keeping knowledge update putting research into policy and practices. Research, he further stated, should be relevant to the needs of the community. It should lead to policy, action and practice. WHO he said, has established a Clinical Trials Registry and urged that Pakistan should become its member. He also referred to various guidelines for publication and training in research by the WHO. We then started its implementation and monitoring. We had adopted a Global Health Research Strategy. WHO, he stated, takes health research very seriously.

Continuing Dr. Najib Al Shorbaji advised the research scientists and healthcare professionals to publish their work in their own journals rather than in journals published from overseas. Unfortunately Pharmaceutical companies do research on those diseases from where they get more money.  They do undertake and sponsor research which is not a problem of the developing countries. He also referred to lot of fake data currently being published in medical journals and we all should be mindful of that, he added.