Excerpt from Silent Musings of a Senile Physician


 Excerpt from Silent Musings
of a Senile Physician

By Dr. Alaf Khan

Sperm Banks storing donor sperms are already a multi-billion dollar business.The Guardian(London, 16 April 2016) reported the case of one donor whose sperms were sold to many infertile couples by a sperm bank (Zytec) with the assurance that the donor had an IQ higher than Einstein’s, and was endowed with superhuman faculties in sciences and humanities. Many couples discovered the identity, horrifying medical background, psychiatric history and criminal record of the donor through prolonged Internet searches. Surrogate mothers (hired wombs) are no longer science fictions. Surrogacy is a fast expanding industry. Newlife is an established agency dealing globally in surrogacy.

Dr. Alaf Khan

The story of two gay men, Gordon Lake from America and Manuel Santos from Spain, is rather ticklish. Gordon Lake proudly spoke of Manuel Santos as my husband. The urge to have a baby took them to India where a surrogate woman gave them a boy. They then shifted to Bangkok for establishing a surrogate company and also having another baby. An ovum from an unknown woman was fertilized with Lake’s sperm and placed in the womb of another woman named Patidta Kulsolang. Two Moms, one Dad and a baby ------- a family of a new kind. A healthy girl, Carmen, was born. The surrogate mother refused to hand over Carmen to Lake and Santos when she discovered that the two were gay. She went to court but lost Carmen’s custody to Lake and Santos who flew out of Thailand with Carmen (The Guardian, London; 26 April 2016) 

Same-sex marriages have the potential for causing population depletion to near extinction in a few centuries. Sperms for Sale and Uteruses for Rent, already sizable industries, might keep the social machine running for some centuries, but for how long? Same-sex couples would naturally be seized by the urge to raise babies of their own. One of the lesbian pair would inseminate herself with the sperms purchased at a sperm bank, get pregnant and have a baby. Likewise, a gay partner might hire a surrogate uterus, instill his sperms in her and take over the baby when it is born. Who knows, the hired Mom might already be pregnant by some other loving friend. Establishing one’s paternity would become a tedious and costly job. Some countries may have to revise their inheritance laws too.

Some nations have already sensed the possibility of population depletion if the legal definition of marriage continues to include marriage between two gays or two lesbians. The ruling Democratic Party of Romania has yielded to the popular demand of holding a referendum on restricting the constitutional definition of Family. The amendment, if approved by the nation, shall legally ban same-sex marriage (NBC News, 07 June 2017; Reuter, 02 September 2017; Pink News, 03 September 2017) Alaf Khan (+ - 1 - 972 - 971 - 3452)