DUHS establishes the Third Dental College with forty dental chairs


 Prof. Shareef Chaudhry presented Life Time Achievement Award

DUHS establishes the Third Dental College
with forty dental chairs

Plans to provide subsidized, affordable dental care to patients

KARACHI: November 7th will be remembered as one of the unique days in the history of fast progressing Dow University of Health Sciences because on this day not only the Third Dental College affiliated with the university was formally inaugurated but one of the former Principals of Dow Medical College and an eminent cardiologist Prof. M. Shareef Chaudhry was also presented Life Time Achievement Award in recognition of his services and contributions to medicine in general and DMC in particular. If this was not all, this award to Prof. Shareef Chaudhry was presented by another living legend and pride of Pakistan Prof.Adeebul Hassan Rizvi the moving spirit behind Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation. This simple but impressive ceremony was held at Arag Auditorium in DUHS which was attended by a select gathering including faculty members, students and a few friends of Prof. Shareef Chaudhry. Credit for all this of course goes to Prof. Masood Hameed Khan Vice Chancellor of DUHs who made it all possible.

Prof S. Adeebul Hassan Rizvi (third from left) presenting Life Time Achievement
Award to Prof.M. Shareef Chaudhry an eminent cardiologist and former Principal
of DMC at a meeting held at DUHS on November 7th 2012. Also seen in this
picture from (L to R) are Prof. Mirza, Prof. Junaid Ashraf,
Prof. Masood Hameed Khan and Dr.Hasnat Shareef.

DUHS first established Dr. Ishratul Abad Khan Institute of Dentistry which was followed by Dental College which is a part of Dow International Medical College at Ojha Campus. Dow Dental College is thus the third dental college affiliated with DUHS. Dental OPD has already started functioning and there are forty dental chairs in different departments. Prof. M. Shareef Chaudhry along with Prof.Masood Hameed Khan unveiled the plaque to formally inaugurate this dental college. Later he was taken round different departments of this newly established dental institution which has oral medicine and periodontology section, operative dentistry department, maxiofacial surgery department, dental material and techniques department, Prosthodontics department, laboratory and offices for the faculty.
Prof. Mirza M.Shakir Principal of Dow Dental College in his welcome address gave a brief account of the journey of how these three dental colleges affiliated with DUHS were established. DUHS had a vision of not only providing dental care but also provide postgraduate training in this specialty. Hence, we now have training facilities for not only BDS students but also for FCPS in dentistry, MDS in clinical dentistry besides training dental care professionals. All this has been achieved in a phased programme. We have exemplary sterilization facilities and plan to provide highly subsidized, affordable dental treatment some of which can be paid even in different installments, he remarked.

Prof. M. Shareef Chaudhry along with Prof. Masood Hameed Khan VC DUHS,
Prof. Junaid Ashraf Principal DMC unveiling the plaque to formally
inaugurate the Dow Dental College recently.

Prof. Masood Hameed Khan VC DUHS in his speech said that from now onward they will be admitting in all two hundred BDS students and already have sixty postgraduates in dentistry. He paid rich tributes to Prof.Shareef Chaudhry who always taught us to be punctual and work with honesty. We learnt it from him and try to pass it on to our students and professional colleagues. We are fortunate that we have a team of leaders who has helped us to make all this progress. He also paid tributes to Prof.Adeebul Hassan Rizvi.
Prof. Adeebul Hassan Rizvi also briefly addressed the audience and thanked Prof. Masood Hameed and DUHS for providing him this opportunity to present this Life Time Achievement Award to Prof. Shareef Chaudhry who is my teacher. He is a self made man, who is sound academically. Apart from medicine he is also interested in art, culture and music and great fan of Allama Iqbal and loves to recite his poetry, he added.
Prof. Junaid Ashraf Principal of DMC read the citation for Prof.Shareef Chaudhry who served as Principal of Dow Medical College from June 21st 1984 to June 17th 1987 till his retirement. First batch from DMC graduated in 1951 and so far over seventeen thousand students have graduated from this institution Prof Shareef Chaudhry on his return from abroad after postgraduate training joined as Assistant Professor of Cardiology and was later promoted as Professor. He helped establish a CCU, Cardiac Cath Laboratory and the Cardiac Angioscope was also made available in the department during his tenure.
Prof. Shareef Chaudhry in his speech thanked Almighty Allah for the great honour which was showered on him and the kind words which were expressed by various speakers. Teacher, he said, deserve as much respect as one’s father and then added that two persons feel happy even in their failure. That is the father when he sees that his children have been better than him and the teacher when he or she sees that their students have proved much better than them. He thanked Prof. Masood Hameed Khan, Prof. Adeeb Rizvi and his son cardiac surgeon Dr. Hasnat Shareef who he said, left United States seven years ago to come and live with him and in Pakistan. He also thanked many others in the society by name who have upheld professional ethics and paid them rich tributes. He concluded his speech by narrating the following couplet: