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Medical Profession in Pakistan has been infected with Commercialization and Corruption Virus-Prof. Kh. Saadiq Husain

KARACHI: Medical profession in Pakistan has been infected with Commercialization and Corruption virus. It is extremely important to create a balance between Medicine as Science and Medicine as Art. While in the first medicine is disease oriented, in the later it has to include subjects like ethics, communication skills, giving due emphasis on proper history taking and comprehensive physical examination with a humanistic touch.


DUHS establishes the Third Dental College with forty dental chairs

KARACHI: November 7th will be remembered as one of the unique days in the history of fast progressing Dow University of Health Sciences because on this day not only the Third Dental College affiliated with the university was formally inaugurated but one of the former Principals of Dow Medical College and an eminent cardiologist Prof. M. Shareef Chaudhry was also presented Life Time Achievement Award in recognition of his services and contributions to medicine in general and DMC in particular.


NICVD with state of the art teaching, training and patient care facilities is showpiece of cardiology in Pakistan

KARACHI: National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) having state of the art teaching, training and patient care facilities is the showpiece of cardiology in Pakistan. The faculties of CPSP have now been strengthened and they serve as eyes and ears of this institution.


Pakistan becomes the First country in South Asia to introduce Pneumococcal vaccine

KARACHI: Health, Education and Literacy Programme (HELP) an NGO working for strengthening routine immunization organized an advocacy seminar in collaboration with GAVI on November 2nd 2012 to promote Pneumococcal Vaccine which has been added in the EPI programme.


Paediatricians should uphold professional ethics, merit and desist from Group Politics-Prof. A. G. Billoo

KARACHI: Prof. A. Ghaffar Billoo an eminent paediatrician of the country has advised the Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) members to uphold professional ethics, desist from group politics and disregard for merit. He was speaking during the inaugural session of the 21st Biennial Pediatric Conference held at Karachi from November 2-4, 2012.


Rheumatology has now emerged as a much sought after discipline-Prof. Nighat Mir

LAHORE: Rheumatology which was hardly known and talked about few years ago has now emerged as a much sought after discipline of medicine. Ideally there should be one rheumatologist for eighty thousand people hence we need at least three to four thousand trained rheumatologists in Pakistan whereas we have just about forty.


Early use of DMARDs can prevent disability from rheumatic diseases - Dr. Mahboobur Rehman

LAHORE: Dr. Javed Malik along with Prof. Tafazzul Mahmud chaired the second session during the International Rheumatology conference held here on October 13th 2012. Dr. Mahboobur Rehman from USA was the first speaker who talked about evolution of therapies; target concept in management of rheumatoid arthritis.


Portable optical scanner might replace mammography to detect breast cancer

LONDON, UK (GlobalData): Breast cancer remains the largest prevalent form of cancer in women and its early detection is essential to improve survival rates. To combat a disease that is the leading cause of cancer death in women, claiming an astounding 458,000 lives worldwide in 2008, we need to rely on advances in diagnostic technologies including imaging and gene testing.


Education to less privileged children is our mission at TCF - Mr. Ali Raza

KARACHI: M/s PharmEvo in collaboration with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) has launched a health awareness programme among the school children entitled ‘Building Healthy Future. An agreement was signed between TCF and PharmaEvo by Mr. Ali Raza TCF General Manager and Syed Jamshed Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer PharmEvo at TCF Qayumabad campus here recently.


Bioabsorbable stents are the new wave of stents which are here to stay

LONDON, UK (GlobalData): The world’s first drug-eluting bioabsorbable vascular scaffold has been launched and will revolutionize the stent industry. On September 25th, 2012, Abbott announced the launch of its drug-eluting bioabsorbable stent, Absorb, in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia Pacific and Latin America. Absorb, which received CE mark certification in 2011, is used to treat coronary artery disease.


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