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 An introduction

Azra Naheed Medical College, Lahore

A project of Superior Group of Colleges & Superior University

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LAHORE: Azra Naheed Medical College located at the main Raiwind Road at a distance of about seventeen Kilometers from Thokhar Niaz Baig is a welcome and unique addition to the private medical colleges in Pakistan. It is an ambitious project owned by The Superior Group of Colleges and Superior University. The college started admissions to the First Batch four years ago which will graduate in 2015. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman is Chairman of the Superior Group and the college is fortunate to have Prof. Mohammad Akbar Chaudhry a renowned medical educationist with strong leadership qualities as its Principal. Prof. Akbar Chaudhry brings with him rich experience of running and managing medical colleges. He retired as Principal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College a couple of years ago and later served for a brief period as Principal of Continental Medical College before taking up his responsibilities at Azra Naheed Medical College. The college is named after a lady Mrs. Azra Naheed wife of Chaudhry Mohammad Akram former Chairman of the Superior Group of Colleges.

A view of the main campus of Azra Naheed Medical College on Raiwind Road, Lahore.

Azra Naheed Medical College has three affiliated teaching hospitals. The 300-bed Surayya Azeem (Waqf) Teaching Hospital located in the city which caters all sections of the society thus providing rich teaching material for the students. The 200-bed Punjab Social Security Health Management Company (PSSHMC) Hospital. This hospital caters for the diagnostic and treatment needs of industrial workers free of cost. Under construction Chaudhry Mohammad Akram Teaching and Research Hospital located at the main campus at present has 200-beds capacity but after adding another two floors, it will be a 450-500-bed teaching hospital. The building is ready and now equipment and other fixtures are being put in place and hopefully the hospital will start functioning and admitting patients in the next four to six weeks time.

Dr. Fraz Mir Associate International Director South Asia of Royal College of Physicians London along
with Prof. M. Akbar Chaudhry Principal AZNMC and Prof.Mahmood Ali Malik one of the senor
most Fellows of RCP London in Pakistan having a meeting with faculty members
of AZNMC on October 9th 2014.

A visit to Azra Naheed Medical College on October 10th on an invitation from Prof. Akbar Chaudhry the Principal of AZNMC was a fascinating experience. The guided tour of this institution visiting various sections, departments and facilities besides interaction with faculty members proved quite useful and informative. The college has been able to acquire the services of experienced well trained and experienced faculty in most of the departments and it has all the ingredients of long term sustainability and becoming a fast growing medical institution in the private sector. At present it is recognized by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, it is a constituent college of Superior College Lahore Chartered by the Government of Punjab as Degree Awarding institution. It has been approved by Ministry of Health Government of Pakistan. The institution has a Vision of “Facilitating Superior Human Beings”.

AZNMC affairs are run and managed by a Board of Governors through Rector and Academic Advisory Council. Principal is Chairman of the Academic Council who is assisted by Associate Deans for Clinical Sciences, Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, Associate Dean for Medical Education and Associate Dean for Students Affairs and Administration besides Medical Superintendent of the Hospital. The college has reasonably well equipped departments/Labs of Histology, Haematology, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology, Histopathology, an anatomy Museum, Biochemistry laboratory, Physiology laboratory, Pathology and Pharmacology Museums, Forensic Medicine as well as Community Medicine Museums, Forensic and Toxicology Laboratory besides Department of Pharmacology there by providing adequate teaching and training facilities in all the basic sciences.


A view of the Punjab Social Security Health Management Company Hospital
(PSSHMC) Raiwind which is one of the affiliated teaching hospitals with AZNMC Lahore.

All the lecture theatres can accommodate about hundred students at present while arrangements are under way to have bigger lecture rooms to accommodate up to one hundred fifty students in the days to come. There are seven tutorial rooms at the campus. At present seventy seats are on open merit which is calculated at 10% Matriculation, 40% marks for FSc while the remaining 50% Marks are for Entry Test plus Interview. Ten seats are reserved for foreign students while twenty seats are reserved for overseas Pakistani students. The college has a fairly well stocked Library, E library with computes and internet connection. For security and monitoring 130 CCTV cameras are installed at the main campus. The college has provided hostel facilities under arrangements for male and female student’s .The college administration has prescribed a Dress Code for the students as well as the Faculty members.

The college has full fledged Departments of Anatomy, Physiology Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine, Behavioral Sciences, Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, ENT, Anesthesia, Radiology, Medical Education and Physiotherapy. The main building at the campus houses administration, Principal’s office besides some basic sciences departments


A view of the Chaudhry Mohammad Akram Teaching and Research
Hospital affiliated with Azra Naheed Medical College Lahore.

Academic Council

Prof. Mohammad Akbar Chaudhry Principal AZNMC is Chairman of the Academic Council. Other members of the council include Prof. Nazir Ahmad Aasi, Prof. Malik Nazir Khan, Prof. Fehmida Naheed, Prof. M. Dilawar Khan, Prof. Shahid Mahmood, Prof. Muhammad Aslam, Prof. Javed Iqbal Chaudhry, Prof. Fahim Haider Jafari, Prof.Rubina Anwaar, Prof.Muhammad Muslim Khan, Prof. Saboohi Saeed, Prof. Ishtiaq Ahmad, Prof. Maratab Ali, Dr. Mohammad Saeed, Dr. Najma Shoaib, Dr. Adnan Ejaz Qureshi, Dr. Tahir Nazeer, Dr. Maqsood Ahmad, Dr. Shumaila Zia, Dr. Hafiz Sheraz Arshad and Dr. Muhammad Faiz.

Chaudhry Mohammad Akram Teaching and Research Hospital

This newly constructed teaching hospital located at the Campus at present has facilities to accommodate two hundred beds while after adding another two floors, the overall bed strength of this teaching hospital will be about 450—500 beds. In the basement there are Medical, Surgical OPDs, and Diagnostic facilities for Radiology, Ultrasound and CT scan while provision has been kept for an MRI which will be installed later. There is a main conference room besides laboratory. Nursery, Surgical and Medical Intensive Care Units having eight beds each, Pre operative ward and Post Operative Ward are located on the First Floor which also has four operation theaters besides a separate operation theatre for Obstetrics and Gynaecology. There are ten beds in the Emergency with facilities to accommodate more beds in case of over flow of patients besides a minor operation theatre and conference room on the Ground Floor. In order to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply the administration has installed two Generators with 60 KVA and 250KVA capacity.

This hospital building is ready and after installation of equipment and instruments now in progress, it will be formally commissioned in the next four to six weeks time. The administration must concentrate on not only early commissioning of this hospital but also make appropriate arrangements to attract patients by running some mobile Clinics or setting up some Filter Clinics in the villages in the adjacent area. Despite the fact that AZNMC has signed Memorandum of Understanding with Surayya Azeem (Waqf) Hospital as well as Punjab Social Security Health Management Company Hospital at Raiwind but the importance of having its own fully functional teaching hospital at the campus can never be over emphasized. The students will save lot of time which is otherwise wasted in travelling to the other affiliated teaching hospitals. Once their own hospital is fully operational, different batches of students can visit those hospitals in rotation. Hence, it is extremely important that commissioning and further expansion of this on campus hospital gets preference and future expansion is also planned and expedited in time. During the discussion with the teaching faculty it was also emphasized that they should inculcate a spirit of service to the humanity with dedication and devotion among the students without being infected with materialistic virus. The medical profession which they have chosen to join has its own callings and requirements hence those who are keen to make quick money should better adopt some other professional career. The college management is fully aware of its social responsibilities hence; they have already examined children from thirty six schools in the area and collected lot of useful data.

PSSHMC Hospital Raiwind

Azra Naheed Medical College signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Punjab Social Security Health Management Company Hospital on January 23, 2014 to become an affiliated teaching hospital. This neat and clean hospital with pleasant environment was inaugurated on July 4th 2007. This 200-bed healthcare facility has examined 1,202,652 patients in the Out Patients Department during 200-7-2014. Five Thousand three hundred ninety eight patients were hospitalized during the same period while 9,710 surgical procedures were performed. Pathology tests during the same period accounted for 570,591, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department had 6,498 patients while Radiology department performed 61,870 X-rays. All this shows how busy this hospital remains which ensures lot of rich clinical material for the teaching and clinical training of the students. While the college will benefit from the excellent teaching and training facilities available at the hospital, the  PSSHMC will have the expertise of eminent medical teachers in different disciplines available to manage the patients thus enhancing the level of patient care.

Visit to the hospital revealed that the administration gives too much emphasis on patient education, thereby prevention of diseases rather than providing curative services which are much more expensive. Throughout the hospital, the walls have patient health education information and material which also serves as a reminder to the healthcare professionals. This hospital is run by a Board of Directors which consists of industrialists, labour representatives besides government representatives i.e. Provincial Secretary Labour, Finance, Health, Industries besides Commissioner PESSI.

This hospital has a 24-hour emergency service, Trauma Center, Out Patients Departments of  General Medicine, Cardiology, Paediatrics, Neonatology, Dermatology, General Surgery, urology, Orthopaedics, Breast Surgery, Eye, ENT, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Cosmetics and Reconstructive Surgery. The hospital has a five operation theatres Complex. The laboratory has facilities for Haematology, Microbiology, Chemical Pathology and Blood Bank. For PCR arrangements have been made with Jinnah Hospital while for Histopathology services from Fatima Memorial Hospital are utilized under special arrangements. Radiology department has facilities of color Doppler as well. About one thousand patients visit the Out Patients Departments daily while emergency department manage about one hundred fifty patients daily. Total number of hospital employees is two hundred twenty which includes thirty five nurses and eleven consultants. The hospital administration has established an Emergency Center in Sunder Industrial Estate to make the services easily accessible to the patients. Indoor facilities are available in all the major specialties and to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply the hospital has 250 KVA standbys Generator in addition to 1100 KVA Transformer. The management has also provided hostel facilities for doctors, nurses and paramedics on the hospital campus.

The hospital has an active infection control programme. Burns Center has a four bed Burns Unit. The hospital has Five Operations Theatres complex, one special OT is reserved for infectious cases like those suffering form hepatitis. The hospital has put in place Surgical Quality Assurance Programme. A technician does blood sugar test and blood pressure measurement of every patient before they are examined by the doctors or consultant which saves lot of time. This simple measure must have improved the hospital functioning to a great extent. During the guided tour of the hospital, I was told that patient satisfaction has improved a lot ever since the commissioning of this healthcare facility. The hospital has a protocol for drug administration, the whole hospital record including dispensing of drugs through pharmacy are fully computerized. The Hospital Pharmacy is manned by four pharmacists. The hospital has a five bed Intensive Care Unit and a conference room as well.

Patient Education

The hospital administration has laid too much emphasis on patient education. It has provided information leaflets regarding different diseases which are freely available at the reception counter. Hospital organizes awareness programmes on Occupational Health and Safety measures, Dengue Fever, Industrial Hygiene, Water Born Diseases, Bronchial Asthma, Occupational injuries, Noise Induced Hearing Loss, Eye protection and Skin Diseases regularly. Community awareness programmes are also organized on Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis B & C, Tuberculosis besides Mother and Child, Measles and Breast Feeding.

Capacity Building of Hospital Staff

Mindful of the value of capacity building of the hospital staff, the PSSEHMC administration organizes weekly Continuing Medical Education programmes for doctors, Journal Club meeting, Inter-Departmental Case Discussions besides CME programmes for Nurses and Paramedics in addition to Seminars, Workshops and refresher courses organized from time to time.

Executive Medical Check Up

The hospital has facilities for Executive Medical Check Up which consists of comprehensive medical history and physical examination, preventive screening tests, cardiovascular fitness evaluation, life style assessment, advice on nutrition, stress management, review and update of medications, vaccination,. Other services available at the hospital include Annual Medial Check Up, Pre Employment Screening, Well Women Check up Clinic, Corporate Health Awareness Programme.

Physiotherapy Department is equipped with Short Wave Diathermy Machine, Ultrasonic Machines, TENS, Infrared Red Lamp, Microwave Diathermy, Cervical Traction, Lumbar Traction, Electrical Muscle Stimulator, Inter-ferential Current Therapy Units, and Wax Therapy Unit. Dept. of ENT has an Audiology section providing services for audiometery, Tympanometery, Speech Audiometery, Vertigo Test and Hearing Aid advice. The hospital also has some private rooms with LCDs which are available to those who wish to avail the services of this hospital on payment. Out Patients Department have minor treatment room, ophthalmology suit, ENT room and ECG suite.

Future Expansion Plans

PSSHMC Hospital administration has plans for upgradation of hospital infrastructure, expansion of Out Door facility, establishment of a 20-Bed Specialized Burns Center with facilities for reconstructive surgery besides setting up a Hemodialysis Center. It is also planned to acquire Laparoscope, set up PCR Lab, Phacoemulcification unit for eye surgery, CT scan and MRI.

Visit to various sections of the hospital was very satisfying and looking at the quality of care being provided, the keen interest of the hospital administration in maintaining neat and clean environment, surroundings and enhanced patient satisfaction, one feels that this experiment which has proved a great success should be replicated in other parts of the country as well. In fact this hospital should serve as a role model for other social security hospitals as well as other healthcare facilities in general. AZNMC is also lucky to have got this excellent healthcare facility as one of its affiliated teaching hospital for its students.

Chaudhry Abdul Rehman Chairman of Superior Group of Colleges says “We believe that facilitating superior human beings is our utmost responsibility to change Pakistan’s fate. Pakistan needs competent doctors who will take up the challenge to create miracle in health sciences”. These are very lofty aims and objectives and only time will tell how far those behind the AZNMC project have been able to accomplish.

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