Caring for life is our mission at Fresenius Kabi-Manfred Koehler


Fresenius Kabi & Atco donates 2.5 Million Rupees to SKMT

Caring for life is our mission at
Fresenius Kabi-Manfred Koehler

We are leader in infusion therapy and clinical
nutrition in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific

KARACHI: Fresenius Kabi is the leader in infusion therapy and clinical nutrition in Europe and in its most important countries of Latin America and Asia Pacific. Within I.V. generic drugs, Fresenius Kabi counts among the leading suppliers in the U.S. market while its main current focus in Pakistan market is Oncology. Caring for life is our mission at Fresenius Kabi, Ag, Germany. This was stated by Mr. Manfred Koehler, Member of the Management Board, President Europe & Middle East of Fresenius Kabi, Ag, Germany one of Atco’s local partners. He was invited by Mr. Saeed Allawala, Chairman Atco Laboratories Ltd., in Pakistan and during his visit to Pakistan he also met the representatives of the print and electronic media besides meetings with eminent members of the medical profession and businessmen.
Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Manfred Koehler further stated that we have our presence in Pakistan for the last twenty years. In mid 80’ first sterilized manufacturing unit was established in Lahore and we entered in Oncology business with Atco laboratories about ten years ago. This is my first visit to Pakistan and we are impressed with our working relationship with Atco Laboratories. He commended Atco management for its devotion, dedication and openness. Having come to Pakistan I feel media was projecting a wrong picture of this country and whatever negative reporting is done in the media about Pakistan is not true. He also announced that Fresenius Kabi & Atco have decided to support Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. A cheque of 2.5 million rupees was presented to Mr. Tariq Shafi one of the board members of SKMT by Mr. Saeed Allwala, Mr. Aslam Allawala and Mr. Manfred Koehler at the occasion.

Mr. Manfred Koehler (second from left) along with, Dr. Kamran Yousuf and Mr. Norbnert Meissner
photographed while talking to media personnel in Karachi recently. On right Mr. Saeed Allwala
along with Mr. Aslam Allawala
and Mr. Manfred Koehler presenting a cheque of 2.5 million rupees
to Mr. Tariq Shafi for SKMT Lahore.

Mr. Saeed Allawala in his welcome remarks said that Atco entered in oncology business a decade ago which is a painful business because its treatment is very expensive and poor people of our country cannot afford it. I met Mr. Koehler in a meeting in Germany and discussed with him that whenever we had trade relations with India we will work together and provide oncology products which are cost effective and eventually beneficial for poor patients of our country. Visit of Mr. Koehler will strengthen international ties with Germany and will also help to create positive image and awareness about Pakistan and our Pharmaceutical market, he added.
Earlier talking with the media personnel Mr. Manfred Koehler said that Pakistan is an important market and has great future in the days to come. We came here to learn more about this market. Fresenius Kabi which has celebrated few weeks ago its 100th anniversary initially started as a small company in Germany and now it has presence in fifty countries with more than 24,000 employees all over the world who are committed to improving the quality of life of critically and chronically ill patients with innovative products for patients in hospitals and outpatients. The overall market share of Kabi is 16 Billion Euros. Kabi was the first German company to enter big Pharma market of China in 1980s.
Based on our expertise in infusion and nutritional therapy with our pharmaceutical products, medical devices as well as disposables and with the commitment and dedication of our employees, we will generate the necessary resources to become the global leader for the therapy and care of critically and chronically-ill patients inside and outside the hospitals. Major focused area of Fresenius Kabi includes Intravenously Administered Drugs which offers a broad range of intravenously administered generic drugs across a wide array of therapeutic categories: oncology, anesthesia, analgesia and critical illness. For Infusion Therapy it offers products for fluid and blood volume replacement besides broad range of infusion technologies as well as disposables for the delivery of medication for all pharmaceuticals administered via the vein. In the field of Clinical Nutrition Fresenius Kabi is one of the few companies worldwide to offer parenteral nutrition (administered intravenously) and enteral nutrition (administered as sip or tube feed via the gastrointestinal tract), as well as nutrition pumps and infusion disposables, he added.
Replying to a question regarding compliance Mr. Manfred Koehler stated that our quality management system guarantees full compliance with national and international legal requirements and meets the expectations of our partners and customers. For us, it is an ongoing task to undertake continuous quality improvements across all operations with the aim to support medical professionals in the best-possible therapy and care for critically and chronically ill patients around the globe. At Fresenius Kabi, quality is an integral part of our day to day operations, of our business strategy and business philosophy. We deal in all fields of oncology and our products being generics are also cost effective and affordable, he added.
Talking about his personal experience with local partners Mr. Manfred Koehler said that I am relay impressed with devotion, commitment and kindness of our partners and pleased to have a nice working relation with them. Personalized medicine is going to be the next priority, he added. Mr. Norbnert Meissner, General Manager Middle East & Gulf and Dr. Kamran Yousuf, Area Manager of Fresenius Kabi of Middle East were also present at the occasion.

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