Those who do not work hard are left behind in the journey of success-Governor Punjab


Fatima Jinnah Medical University’s 5th Convocation
Those who do not work hard are left behind
in the journey of success-Governor Punjab
Kashmir Auditorium to be built at Fatima Jinnah Medical
University- Javed Akram
285 Fresh medical graduates and nine Postgraduates presented degrees 

LAHORE: Fatima Jinnah Medical University organized its 5th Convocation recently where Governor of Punjab Mr. Blageeur Rehman was the Chief Guest. Dr.Fakhra Anwar won the honour of being the Best Graduate of the university for the session 2016-2012. Apart from her, others who were also presented Gold Medals during the convocation for their best performance included Dr. Ayesha Arshad, Dr. Rimzah Tahir, Dr. Riffat Shaheen, Dr. Ume Iman, Dr. Fathima Mujahida Ahmed Munawwar, Dr. Imbsat Naeem, Dr. Ayesh Azeem, Dr. Noor Ul Ain, Dr. Kashaf Ul Zuha, Dr. Anam Zaka, Dr. Arfa Arooj and Dr. Rida Fatima. In the convocation, Degrees were presented to 294 students, including 285 Undergraduate students and 09 Postgraduate students.

Governor Punjab Mr. Blageeur Rehman alongwith Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal VC FJMU presenting memento to Prof. Javed Akram Punjab Health Minister at the Fatima Jinnah Medical University Convocation held recently.

Addressing the fresh medical graduates the Governor of Punjab said that Graduates are our valuable asset. Today is indeed a memorable day and we wish you all, a very happy day. We are very happy for your success. Your success is the success of this country and humanity. You are the intelligent students of our society. It is a good thing that admission to medical colleges and universities of our country is purely on merit. Your attitude and your character also play an important role in your success. At the same time, Gratitude is also very important. Always be grateful to Allah Almighty and thank the people around you. You all are graduates of a great educational institution, don’t take it for granted. People who do not work hard, are left behind in the journey of success. That is why it is important that you work hard with consistency and be kind to each other. Continuous improvement in your life will come when you work hard. Medical Profession is a very prestigious profession. It has often been seen that people who are only engaged in making money, say at the end of their lives that they have wasted their lives and those who spend their time in the service of humanity are people who are honored along with Live a good life. Research is the most important component of any organization. As it is said in the Holy Quran, never believe what you hear, always do your research and then do your work. He thanked all the participants and congratulated the undergraduate and postgraduate students and their parents for this achievement.

Health Minister Punjab Prof. Dr. Javed Akram thanked the Honourable Governor Punjab Mr. Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman, Health Secretary Punjab Dr. Ahmed Javed Qazi, Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal and all the Distinguished Guests and admired the services of the faculty of Fatima Jinnah Medical University. He said that the convocation is a day of joy and an academic memory. Make these moments memorable as much as you can. Today your hard work has paid off. The university has taken your exam, now your main exam after graduation is patient care. Being a good person is also very important to be a good doctor. Do more research on providing better and better healthcare facilities to your patient. Fatima Jinnah Medical University is a Premier women’s university with excellent Teaching, Training and Research facilities. He also announced the construction of new “Kashmir Auditorium” at Fatima Jinnah Medical University. Principal Prof. Noreen Akmal took oath from Undergraduate Students and Registrar Prof. Muhammad Nadeem took oath from Postgraduate Students.

Governor Punjab Mr. Blageeur Rehman, Health Minister Prof. Javed Akram, Prof.Khalid Masood Gondal VC FJMU and Secretary Health Punjab Dr.Ahmed Javed Kazi photographed alongwith the position holders and faculty members during the convocation of FJMU held recently.

In his welcome address, Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masud Gondal highlighted the healthcare services of Fatima Jinnah Medical University. He said that all three Constituent Hospitals of the University are playing an important role in serving of ailing humanity. He specially congratulated the students and their parents. While addressing the students, he said that the motto of your life should be to serve your Parents, Teachers and Patients, it will make you successful in this world and hereafter. Instead of making money, make your world and the hereafter successful by serving ailing humanity. He also requested Governor Punjab Mr. Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman for construction of new Auditorium and new Operation Theatres. He thanked the current Government of the Punjab for inauguration of New Block of Fatima Jinnah Girls Hostel and released funds for the construction of swimming pool and sports complex.

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