AI should not endanger Empathy and Morality in Medicine-Prof.Partha Sengupta


Pakistan Cardiac Imaging Summit Proceedings-II
AI should not endanger Empathy and
Morality in Medicine-Prof.Partha Sengupta
Artificial Intelligence should not replace critical
thinking and can be used for low caliber activities

KARACHI: Prof. Partha Sengupta from United States was one of the invited guest speakers at the recently held First Annual Pakistan Cardiac Imaging Summit held here on May 6th 2023. The topic of his presentation was “Artificial Intelligence in Cardiac Imaging.” He pointed out that at present there is tremendous shortage of health workforce all over the world and the problem is acute in Low and Middle Income Countries particularly in Asia. Hence Artificial Intelligence can help health resources. At present waiting time for cardiac imaging is too long and there is lot of burnout among healthcare professionals due to overwork. Artificial Intelligence is a new technology which can be effectively used to help patients.

 Prof. Ayub, Prof. Zainab Samad and Prof. Sabha Bhatti chairing one of the sessions during the Cardiac Imaging Summit organized by NICVD held at Karachi recently.

Artificial Learning started with machine learning and then developed to Deep learning. While machine learning is supervised learning, deep learning is unsupervised. He then discussed the use of artificial intelligence in Echocardiography. AI screening helps in appropriate referral for cardiac imaging, it does automated risk assessment. Now digital twin technology, he opined, was at the door. AI tools can be used to see and hear heart sounds. These AI tools are also being used by the Heart Teams for evaluation. However, he hastened to add that there are limitations of deep learning. He dispelled the impression that doctors are going to be replaced. Critical thinking is important and there are various cognitive techniques. His advice to the healthcare professionals was to build trust in Artificial Intelligence. He further suggested that doctors should engage the industry to develop tools which works for you in your country.

 Group photograph of some of the participants at the Pakistan Cardiac Imaging Summit held recently.

Prof. Partha Sengupta concluded his presentation by stating that Artificial Intelligence should not replace critical thinking. AI can be used for low caliber activities and it should not endanger empathy and morality in medicine.

One of the questions put to him during the discussion was that we do over three hundred fifty Echocardiography’s at NICVD daily. How can we use Artificial Intelligence for community screening while Prof. Abdul Hakeem asked him is it the time for us in Developing Third World countries to go for artificial intelligence? Prof. Partha Sengupta responded by saying that ECG can be used for screening. There may be some problems like internet signals, the non-availability of devices at healthcare facilities but Artificial Intelligence is cost effective and it is doable.

 Prof. Sabha Bhatti organizer of Pakistan Cardiac Imaging Summit photographed along with some of the participants at the Summit held recently.

Prof. Zahid Jamal asked how one can take care of conflict of interest issues? Prof. Partha pointed out that FDA has approved lot of artificial tools which are being used but there are lot of challenges in implementation. Various Artificial Intelligence organizations have got approval. There are cultural shifts and there will be more capacity in the hospitals. Even in United States patient with a chest pain has to wait for too long for simple work up. Vendors can come up with automated tools. He further stated that in fact if you start using AI in Paksitan, you may be leading us as you have much less hindrances and regulatory problems. You can use it and show the results to the developed world.

 Some of the participants at the Pakistan Cardiac Imaging Summit photographed with Prof. Nadeem Qamar Director NICVD and Prof.Sabha Bhatti.

Prof. Nadeem Qamar remarked that we need Artificial Intelligence much more than the United States. Apart from the NICVD we have many Chest Pain Units and Satellite Centers in the province. We perform almost two million ECGs in a year. Artificial Intelligence can help us, he added. Prof. Partha remarked that that is why I am saying that you can do things better and early than us in the developed world.

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