Medical Education in Pakistan has transformed into an industry


 Dr. Mehreen Khalil Qureshi earns Gold Medal at CPSP’s 50th Convocation

Medical Education in Pakistan
has transformed into an industry

Urges CPSP Fellows to remember their obligations to
parents, spouses, teachers, CPSP, supervisors and
people of Pakistan - Prof. Adibul Hassan Rizvi

Give respect to your patients, Do no wrong and
keep yourself update with latest developments

Collaboration with stake holders at home, in the
Region and internationally is the secret of
CPSP’s success - Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry

KARACHI:  We in Pakistan has made mockery of Health and Education. Medical Education in Pakistan has transformed into an industry. We see mushroom growth of medical and dental colleges being established in the private sector which are not for Pakistanis but for expatriates who can pay exorbitant fees in US dollars. Health and Education is the basic right of every Pakistani.  At least up to Matric education should be free and the students should be provided free books, uniform, proper accommodation and one meal. Health in Pakistan is becoming a luxury.  Provision of safe drinking water, proper sanitation, immunization and accommodation makes a Nation and Society Healthy. This was stated by Prof. Adibul Hasan Rizvi Director of Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation. He was invited as a chief guest at the 50th Convocation by the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan held at CPSP Karachi Campus on April 28th2016. About four hundred doctors were awarded Fellowship and one hundred got Membership of the college at this convocation.

Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry President CPSP along with Prof. Naqeeb Achakzai
and Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal presenting a mementoe to Prof. Adibul
Hassan Rizvi Director SIUT who was the Chief Guest at the
50th Convocation of CPSP held at Karachi recently.

Continuing Prof. Adibul Hassan Rizvi said that one has two options either to paint a very rosy picture and the other is to tell you the facts and I have opted for the later. When we were medical students, Prof. Adibul Hassan Rizvi said, we had to run from pillar to post and when we went abroad for post-graduation, we had to do locums to earn some money for living and meeting day to day expenditures. We also had to struggle to look for training centers. We had to do lot of hard work but you are lucky. Pakistan has a literacy rate of about 50% and about 50% of children will never to go school and will be involved in child labour. You are lucky because you have got this College of Physicians &n Surgeons of Pakistan at home which is second to none. You have one to one relationship with your teachers, supervisors. However, he reminded those who had just earned Fellowship and Membership of the college that this also brings some obligations to your parents, spouses, teachers, supervisors and the CPSP itself which is your identity. You also have obligations to common man of Pakistan. At present 85% has no access to good medical care. You must have some soft corner for them. Give them respect, do no wrong and keep yourself update with latest developments in medicine. Changing are taking place at a very fast pace. I am now learning laparoscopic surgery from my juniors Fellows of the CPSP. He also talked about other developments taking place like Stem Cells, Genetic Engineering and cloning. This is also the worst time for you because you are supposed to be on your toes all the time to keep yourself abreast of all this, he added.

During our times merit was the only criteria for admission to the medical college but now even in public sector medical colleges it is being replaced with what is called as “Self Finance Scheme”. This has in fact taken away everything. We have been providing dialysis facilities free of cost for the last thirty eight years. Many of our patients used to come from Sukkur but for the last couple of years, they stopped coming. We found out that they did not have money to come here. So we went to Sukkur and established a dialysis facility there. Healthcare he opined must be free and available with dignity and self-respect.

College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan, Prof. Adibul Hasan Rizvi opined has done much more than expected. It needs money for further expansion and expanding its facilities. He called upon the Federal and provincial governments as well as philanthropists to come forward to help CPSP financially and set up Endowment Funds so that it does not have to charge heavy fee from the students. We all must consider and share our responsibility. You all should be known for Devotion, Dedication, Honesty and service to the patients. Give your patients respect and treat them with dignity, he remarked.

Earlier Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry President of CPSP in his welcome address said that Nation is proud of Prof. Adibul Hassan Rizvi and we in the CPSP are also proud of him. He believes in equitable opportunities for the rich and poor, providing free healthcare with dignity and respect. CPSP is collaborating with SIUT in providing better services for patient care. CPSP until 2015, he said, has produced 18,000 Fellows and 9,000 members and almost 90% of the specialists working in Pakistan were product of this college. Collaboration with stake holders at home, nationally, in the region and internationally was the secret of our success. We have Council in forty six specialties   which discuss the training programmes in detail. We have introduced eLog Book and CME Credit points were being awarded to the supervisors, he added.

He later presented the college mementoe to the Chief Guest Prof. Adibul Hassan Rizvi while the chief guest presented Prof. Rashid Latif Gold Medal to Dr. Mehreen Khalil Qureshi for obtaining highest marks.