NICVD performs a record 3,500 primary angioplasties in eleven months


 NICVD performs a record 3,500 primary
angioplasties in eleven months

Announces setting up Satellite Cardiac Centers at 
Tando Mohammad Khan and Larkana in First Phase

Paediatric cardiac surgery facilities made
absolutely free from this year

KARACHI: National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NCVD) the premier tertiary cardiac center in the country has performed a record three thousand five hundred primary angioplasties during the last eleven months. It has also embarked on ambitious expansion programme whereby it has signed MOU with the Sindh Government to establish Satellite Cardiac Centers at Tando Mohammad Khan and Larkana in the first phase and at Nawabshah, Khairpur and Sukkur in the second phase. These centers will provide facilities for primary angioplasties, coronary bypass surgery and Echo. If the patients reach these satellite centers within ninety minutes of heart attack they will get all the facilities which they get at NICVD including primary angioplasty, he remarked.

Giving details of the accomplishments during the last one year and  future expansion plans  Prof.Syed Nadeem Qamar told a press  conference that  it is our aim to make NICVD as one of the best cardiac centers in the world offering state of the art cardiac care faculties. The present bed strength will be increased from 650 to two thousand in the next two three years.  A one thousand bed hospital besides a separate Institute of Paediatric Cardiology is being established. Prof. Nadeem Qamar commended the faculty members and staff of NICVD which working in different shifts has ensured that anyone coming to the  NICVD with myocardial infarction is offered facility of primary angioplasty for which we charge a highly subsidized cost of Rs. 80,000/-  as against two to three lac rupees charged  in private hospitals. Those who cannot pay are offered the facility of making payment in installments. Some deserving patients are also provided this facility absolutely free through donations from Cardiovascular Foundation and Zakat Funds.

During the year 2014 thirteen hundred cardiac surgeries were performed but this year so far we have already performed two thousand five hundred. In addition about ten thousand coronary angiographies were performed; three hundred percutaneous mitral valvuloplasties have been performed in addition to over two thousand elective percutaneous coronary intervention procedures. At present we have a long waiting list for paediatric cardiac surgery but we wish that there is no waiting list for which we intend to acquire the services of more paediatric cardiologists and paediatric cardiac surgeons. We are training our own postgraduates who after completing their training will be inducted to overcome the shortage of staff.

Prof. Nadeem Qamar who was accompanied by Prof. Nadeem Rizvi, Prof. Zia Yakoob, Prof. Najma Patel and few other faculty members during the press conference further stated that NICVD had the distinction to perform the first TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) in the country and so far we have performed nineteen procedures. Now we are performing over two hundred fifty Echoes daily.  Giving details of the workload, Prof. Nadeem Qamar said that over eight hundred thousand patients visit NICVD every year. Our workload has now increased. There has been 30% increase in Echo, 26% increase in emergency cases and 27% increase in Our Patients Department. During the one year period we performed 579 paediatric cardiac surgeries. Responding to a question Prof. Nadeem Qamar said that this year they have a target of six hundred cardiac surgeries.  We plan to have five Operation Theaters and Five Cath Labs to meet the ever increasing workload of patients who come from all over the country. Institutional practice has been allowed to the faculty members with a 70/30 ratio which ensures that faculty members are available throughout the day at NICVD.

Prof. Nadeem Qamar showed exemplary tolerance and replied to personal and even hostile questions stating that they welcome constructive suggestions and criticism and urged members of the press to help them realize their dream. They should also appreciate the good working he and his entire team at NICVD was doing and we eventually plan that cardiac surgery should also be available free of cost at NICVD.  It may take few years but we are determined and have taken certain steps in that direction. Provision of paediatric cardiac surgery facilities absolutely free of cost was just one step in that direction. NICVD is an autonomous institution and every step the administration has taken or intends to take is done after approval of the Governing Body.

NICVD has also focused on Research and Development of its human resources. Clinical research department is actively engaged in conducting workshops on epidemiology, biostatistics and twenty research projects are currently underway.

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