Admiral Zakaullah appreciates CPSP’s self reliance


 Admiral Zakaullah appreciates
CPSP’s self reliance

428 doctors awarded Fellowships and 111 MCPS
at 49th Convocation at Karachi

KARACHI: Admiral Zakaullah, Chief of Naval Staff was the Chief Guest at the CPSP’s 49th Convocation held at Karachi recently. Speaking at the occasion he appreciated the self reliance of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan and expressed his pleasant astonishment over the College’s development of 14 regional centers in different parts of the Country.  He also presented Prof Tahir Saeed Haroon Gold Medal to  Dr. Muhammad Irfan Anwar in the specialty of Dermatology and Prof. Syed Muzzafar Hassan Gold Medal to Dr.Sana in the specialty of Pathology.

 Earlier Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry, President CPSP, in his welcome address said that the College Council has adopted a vision that is directed to provide appropriate health care specialists to take care of the entire nation by 2020. At present almost 95% of the specialist doctors serving in the armed forces are holders of degrees from CPSP. This College was founded by Lt. Gen. Wajid A. Burki in 1962 and so far it has produced 15,844 FCPS and 8105 MCPS in different disciplines of medical and dental sciences. At today’s convocation 428 Fellowships and 111 MCPS are being awarded to doctors from Sindh and Baluchistan province. Continuing he said that we all should serve the country to the best of our abilities with a missionary zeal. Prof. Zafarullah Chaudhry further stated that currently 21,000 trainees in various disciplines of medical sciences were being trained at 272 prestigious and well equipped institutions in Pakistan and abroad. Out of these 272 institutions; 187 are located in all the four provinces of Pakistan and 85 institutions are abroad. These 21,000 trainees in various stages of training are being equipped with skills and learning that is needed in the fast developing biomedical sciences of the World. President took this opportunity to thank the selfless devoted Faculties of the College who take pains and keep the curricula and skill learning in accordance with fast developing World scenario.

The College, he said, was being run by the fellows of the College in the most democratic spirit whereby the Fellows of the College elect a 20 members Council every four  years which in turn elect the office bearers of the College each year from amongst themselves. He said that in fact the College as a self sustained institution has been following these principles such as:

  1. Democratic set-up
  2. Collective Governance
  3. Academic autonomy
  4. Financial self reliance
  5. Continuous updating of the academic framework
  6. Collaboration and networking with other renowned Postgraduate institutions of the World.

The College from its very inception strictly adhered to the principle of financial autonomy by relying on its own resources and finances instead of looking for grants and assistance from the Government and/or any other national or international institution. This financial autonomy gave us the freedom to run the College in accordance with the demands and wishes and to the betterment of training and learning by the Fellows of the College itself. This also enabled us to freely interact with international medical sciences institutions and get their approval and acceptance of this College’s degrees and diplomas”. “Our interaction with world renowned medical institutions gave us the opportunity to acquire the latest techniques from international institutions like Royal Colleges of UK, Ireland and Canada and also from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and institutions of PGME of China, Singapore, Thailand and other countries, which do extend their recognition and acceptance of our degrees and diplomas. Prof. Chaudhry added. (PR)