Awareness is the best option to control Hepatitis spread Uneducated population should be targeted first-Dr.Parveen Mufti


Otsuka awareness campaign against Hepatitis

Awareness is the best option to control
Hepatitis spread Uneducated population
should be targeted first-Dr.Parveen Mufti

KARACHI: Pricking of I.V Infusion bottle is a very common practice and it is a major cause of hepatitis spread in Pakistan. It could only be controlled by educating the people involved in anesthetic preparation, nursing staff, paramedics and the OT technicians besides doctors. Education and making them aware of the dangers of pricking intravenous bottles will help to control hepatitis and other viral diseases. This was stated by Dr. Parveen Mufti Professor of Pediatrics at Sir Syed Medical College & Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist at Aga Khan University Hospital while performing Otsuka Lucky draw held at Otsuka Head Office on 25th April 2014.

Dr. Parveen Mufti performing Otsuka Lucky draw held at
Otsuka Head Office in Karachi on 25th April 2014.

Dr. perveen Mufti further said that prevention is the most important factor which will only be achieved if we create awareness and educate public regarding preventive measures which are very simple to adopt. Awareness is the best option to control hepatitis spread and for this we have to change the attitude of healthcare providers besides education of uneducated population of our rural and suburb areas. Quacks and dispensers are involved in unethical practices like re-use of syringes and IV bottles sets besides unnecessary use of injections which is major cause of infections. He commended the efforts being made by Otsuka Pakistan to educate the healthcare professionals and public.
Earlier Mr. Arshad highlighted the activities of Savior’s Club, aims and objectives of Otsuka awareness campaign and pointed out that this continuing educational campaign is being run since last twelve years to create awareness regarding hepatitis and to encourage ethical medical practices. Print and electronic media is being used to convey the message bedsides seminars and lectures are being organized in various hospitals, printed material regarding needle stick injuries, and syringe cutters are also provided in healthcare facilities, he added.
Dr. S. M. Sohail from Latifabad, Hyderabad was the lucky winner for the month of April 2014 draw. Mr. Abid Hussain Chief Executive Officer of Otsuka Pakistan, Dr. Syed Ali Talha Raza Senior Medical Advisor, Mr. Khalid Munir, Mr. Mohammad Arshad and other Otsuka senior executives were also present on this occasion.