SIUT launches a docu-drama on deceased organ donation


SIUT launches a docu-drama
on deceased organ donation

My brother lives on, says organ donor’s sister

KARACHI: Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) organized a function on April, 23, 2014 to launch a Docudrama on deceased organ donation based on the real life story of Naveed Anwer who met a road accident in 1998 and became Pakistan’s first deceased organ donor. The documentary titled Zindagi, is produced by the Hum TV narrates inspiring tale of Anwer`s life, who was later declared brain dead. His family honoured his pledge and offered his organs for transplantation to the SIUT.
The late Anwer, 24, a student, was described as an enlightened youth who had pledged in his lifetime to donate his organs to save many lives. The Docudrama highlights the emotional decision-making process faced by Naveed`s family and discussed the steps leading to his brain death, its diagnosis and the decision by the family to donate the young man`s organs amid legal implications when there was no transplant law. Naveed and his family despite being in pain and torment, gave hope, life and happiness to other families whose loved ones were dying due to kidney failures and other organs of the body..
Speaking at the occasioin Shazia Anwer, Naveed`s sister, said the Docudrama went through the very emotional decision-making process by the family to donate organs.`My brother continues to live. He is not among us physically but he lives in many souls. She said the film also highlighted the steps leading to diagnosis of brain death and the willingness of our family for organ donation to save other`s lives.
Dr. Adibul Hasan Rizvi, Director SIUT, speaking at the occasion said that the aim of the short film was to create awareness in society about cadaver organ donation. He highlighted the magnitude of end-stage organ failure in Pakistan, where each year around 150,000 people die of failure of kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and other organs. These precious lives can be saved if deceased organ donation is fully established in Pakistan, similar to what other Muslim countries do where hundreds of transplantations are performed using the donated organs.
Dr. Rizvi further emphasized and appealed, that it is the collective responsibility of the society to publicize and bring awareness about deceased organ donation. He said this docudrama is to honour Naveed and for all others who followed his footstep. They and their family are heroes of our society who by their noble donation have helped save lives of others.
Mr. Hameed Haroon, President All Pakistan Newspapers Society highlighted the importance of deceased organ donation. He said that we should take this cause as a social responsibility while creating awareness in this respect will be a great help for those suffering from organ failure.
The function was attended by a large number of people from all walks of life including members of press, media, corporate sectors and those who have pledged for the donation of their organs. Ms. Faryal Gouhar donated his ancestral plot in Lahore to SIUT and urged. Dr. Adib Rizvi to start SIUT like facility in Lahore.