American University of Barbados School of Medicine offers 4-Years MD Course


 An Introduction

American University of Barbados School
of Medicine offers 4-Years MD Course

AUB medical graduates are emotionally and culturally
sensitive having world class competence

BARBADOS (WEST INDIES): During the last couple of years a large number of undergraduate medical schools have been established in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh in this sub-continent both in public as well as private sector. However, there may be some who still would like to avail medical education facilities overseas. For them American University of Barbados School of Medicine could be one such option. Located in Barbados, West Indies, AUB School of Medicine offers four years MD course and clinical rotations are possible in USA.
Barbados got complete independence from UK in 1966. Initiative, support and cooperation of the Government of Barbados and the Ministry of Education enabled it to get a Charter to establish the first Offshore Medical School in this exotic island in the Caribbean. American University of Barbados has structured curriculum based on the best US medical schools. The university provides students with a comprehensive preparation for USMLE Step one and Step two examinations for licensure in the USA and other mandatory examinations for any other country.
AUB administration claims that here dream turn into reality and aspirations to success stories. Our emphasis is student centric rather than teacher centric training. Our teachers act as facilitator helping students learn the subject rather than teaching the subject. Our aim is to produce doctors with a good clinical knowledge and instill in them ethics and values by which they can treat their patients with a human touch. Apart from four years MD course, AUB School of Medicine also offers Five and a half years programme for motivated high school graduates. They aspire to produce medical graduates who are emotionally and culturally sensitive and have a world-class competence so that they can be valued and respected healers and become responsible citizens where ever they choose to be. Our goal, the AUB School of Medicine Dean says is “not simply to create doctors but medical scholars imbued with a lifelong desire for knowledge and service. More than just rendering quality education, we endeavour to see the student’s growth academically, professionally and socially. Our faculty and staff represents some of the finest to be found in any medical school and we pride ourselves on their commitment to students learning as well as their pre-eminence within their fields. These are some of the characteristics which will soon see AUB evolve as one of the most sought after names in the field of medical education”.
An information brochure prepared by the AUB says that “the field of medicine is vast and constantly changing, improving and evolving. Doctors need to keep abreast of these developments always if they are to give their best to their patients. It is a profession in which the doctors can never stop learning. The AUB motto is to teach them to learn. The first five semesters of formal medical education constitute but a brief introduction to a broad, deep and rapidly changing discipline. To master medical knowledge and technical skills requires lifelong self education. Here at AUB School of Medicine the students are taught how to be able to elicit comprehensive medical history from the patients, carry out humane medical examination and recommend rational investigations. The AUB curriculum is designed to educate and provide students with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to practice medicine.
The first five semesters concentrate on basic medical sciences including anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, genetics, pharmacology, pathology, community and behavioral sciences. Concepts and skills necessary to mange clinical illness, to understand the socio cultural issues in medicine and to be well grounded in the ethical and evidence based medical practice are introduced early and explored in depth as the curriculum progresses. There is emphasis on prevention, diagnosis and management of disease states and in the systematic application of these concepts to organ specific diseases on one hand and to use them to promote health on the other. Curriculum is constantly reviewed to adopt and adapt with the ever increasing body of knowledge and treatment modalities so as to keep our medical graduates abreast with the latest in medicine.
Students wishing to obtain the Doctor of Medicine degree can enter the premedical program during one of two premedical years or directly into the four year Doctor of Medicine degree programme. Students who begin their studies in the premedical programe must meet the program’s academic standards to be promoted into the five year of the four year medical program. The students of Four years Doctor of Medicine program will spend the first two years in the Barbados campus studying the basic medical sciences. In the final two years they will complete their clinical training at the affiliated hospitals in Canada, India and United States of America.
The clinical science programme consists of seventy two weeks of clinical rotations at affiliated hospitals and specialized clinical facilities in Georgia, USA. During the rotations/clerkships the students participate in supervised patient care while rotating through various medical specialties and sub-specialties. Apart from history taking training also includes taking physical examination, laboratory analysis, case presentations, clinical workshops and conferences. Every student, the AUB claims, receives personalized guidance from the clinical faculty to develop essential skills and knowledge. The university also provides them an opportunity to assess the degree of their interest in each of the major fields of medical training. The clinical rotations consist of 48 weeks of core rotations and 24 weeks of elective rotations. Core Rotations are in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obs and Gynae, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Family Practice. The elective rotations are in Nephrology, Hematology and Oncology, Rheumatology, Immunology and Allergy, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Cardiology, Pulmonology ,Infectious Disease, Urgent Care i.e. Family Practice, Dermatology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Plastic Surgery, Colorectal Surgery and paediatric cardiology besides many others. Lecture theaters at AUB are fully air-conditioned equipped with state of the art most modern audiovisual teaching aids like LCD projectors. AUB has an excellent resourceful central library having rich treasure of medical books and journals. AUB has its own hospital and affiliations, agreements with many hospitals in the USA, India and Canada for clinical rotations.

Tuition Fee: In Basic Sciences four semesters the tuition fee is US$ 6,500/- per semester, in Pre Clinical Sciences one Semester it is US$ 7,900/- per semester and during clinical sciences (6 Semesters) the tuition fee is US$ 7,900/- per semester. In addition the students may have to spend Housing, Transportation and Living Expenses which could be between US$ 800-1200/- per month. Health Insurance is mandatory while the students are enrolled at American University of Barbados. Students can either enroll in a plan provided by the university or can purchase their own insurance. Applicants desirous of getting enrolled at AUB School of Medicine have to provide a financial plan indicating adequate funding for the duration of the complete medical programme. Applicants must have achieved a minimum score of six hundred paper based , two hundred fifty computer based or hundred internet based on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFEL) or a 7.0 overall score on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
AUB is approved and listed by WHO/AVICENNA and IMED/FAIMER. Admissions are held three times a year in January, May and September. Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital in India is an associated concern of American University of Barbados which was established in 2001. It is functioning under the patronage of Era Educational Trust and the medical college has an affiliated 920-bed hospital. Those who wish to have further information and details can write to American University of Barbados School of Medicine, 18-Wildey Estate, Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados, and West Indies. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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