Building Emotional Intelligence & Resilience among Healthcare Professionals


 Workshop at KEMU on Caring Profession in need of Care
Building Emotional Intelligence & Resilience
among Healthcare Professionals

LAHORE: Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Academic Department of Psychiatry & Behavioursl Sciences in collaboration with Orthopaedics department unit-II, KEMU/MHL recently organized a workshop on “Caring Profession in need of Care: Building Emotional Intelligence & Resilience among Healthcare Professionals”. Professor Faisal Sultan, Prof of Orthopedics Unit-II was the main organizer of the session.

Prof Ijaz Hussain, Pro-Vice Chancellor KEMU was the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, he highlighted that emotional intelligence is essential for all human interactions and particularly in professions that thrives on human interactions, it has far greater importance. Prof Haroon Hamid CEO, Mayo Hospital Lahore, Dr Munir Ahmad Medical Superintendent Mayo Hospital Lahore also joined the session. They highlighted that EI could improve interpersonal communications, enable constructive conflict resolution, and promote a culture of self-care and well-being.

Photograph taken during workshop on “Caring Profession in need of Care: Building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience among HCPs” held at KEMU Lahore recently from (L to R) shows Prof.Saira Afzal, Prof. Nazish Imran, Prof. Haroon Hamid CEO Mayo Hospital and Prof. Faisal Masood Prof. of Orthopaedics.

Prof Dr Nazish Imran, Professor of Child & Family Psychiatry at KEMU and main facilitator of the workshop focused on Emotional intelligence being the ability of a person to understand and respond to one’s own and others’ emotions and use this ability to guide one’s thoughts and actions. She mentioned main objectives of the workshop as the need to impart emotional intelligence skills as part of trainings in institutions for effective performance. The workshop used interactive discussion, case scenarios and videos to emphasize among doctors and nurses, the role of emotions in daily life and help them to understand its importance in Healthcare. .Content of workshop covered Self-Awareness: Healthcare professionals Burnout and awareness/ strategies for well-being and resilience, Awareness of role of emotions in healthcare, Conflict resolution, teamwork & professional attitudes. Dr Imran Sharif, faculty from Child Psychiatry was the co-facilitator. Senior Faculty members who joined included Prof. Dr Ali Madeeh Hashmi, Prof Dr Iqbal Mirza (Orthopedics Department unit I), Professor Saira Afzal, Chairperson Community Medicine Department, and many other seniors from Orthopedics department, Dr Mumraiz Salik, Dr Sohail Razzaq Awan, Dr Ahmed Humayun, Dr Sohail Niazi , Dr Kashif Cheema, Dr Aqeel, Dr Asad Ali among others. Session concluded with vote of thanks and shields distribution to the organizers and facilitators.

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