Story telling is an essential aspect of morality-Dr. John Lantos


 Plenary Session at SMDC 2nd Int. Med. Conference 2018

Story telling is an essential aspect
of morality - Dr. John Lantos

We need to tell good stories repeatedly
and listen them carefully

Money has become more important than
moral values and ethics - Mowadat Rana

LAHORE: There were three important talks in the First Plenary Session during the Second International Medical Conference organized by Shalamar Medical & Dental College from February 2-4, 2018. The speakers included Prof. Mowadat H.Rana, Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad and Dr. John Lantos.

Prof. Zahid Bashir Principal SMDC presenting a Memento to Dr. John Lantos at the Second
International Medical Conference organized by Shalimar Medical & Dental College recently.

Prof. Mowadat H. Rana was the first speaker who talked about “Mental Health in Pakistan in the coming decades”. He talked about Fear, apprehensions, Hope and the state of mentally ill, reality and truth besides level of consciousness in this era of digitalization. He also discussed in detail Psychotrauma, Psychosocial risk factors, performance efficiency. Unfortunately these days, Prof. Mowadat H.Rana opined, money has become more important than moral values and ethics. It is extremely difficult to convince the doctors to see patients free, he remarked.

Prof. Mowadat H. Rana

Continuing Prof. Mowadat Rana said that people have been traumatized, there is a change in their psyche. He then talked about the different diseases, services available, therapeutics, policy legislation, training, different emotions and how to diagnose emotional problems related to lust and greed. One can live on borrowed emotions. It is important to find out how to diagnose thought disorders. We now have digitalized human being hence digitalized care can be started. Digital psychiatry service can be initiated. We can develop innovative psychosocial interventions, digital interventions. Speaking about the training of future mental healthcare professionals, Dr. Mowadat Rana emphasized the importance of communication, advocacy, Behavioural and social sciences, emphatic listening, need based tailored care, use of digital technology, digital therapies, on-site interventions and establishment of Psychotrauma centers to prevent mental illnesses. He concluded his presentation by asking the audience to help the mental healthcare professionals protect their own mental health.

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad’s presentation was on Paradigm Shift in Health Care in the 21st Century. He discussed the situational analysis, opportunities and challenges and felt that the ultimate beneficiary of all these developments should be the patient. These days healthcare is expensive, chronic disease burden is increasing. Healthcare providers training is not in a team. To avoid medical errors we all need to work as a team. Just replacing I with W from illness will result in wellness. Sometimes treatment may not result in immediate outcome. We need to develop patient centered health are, empower the patient. We can start mobile based tele-consultation. Many physicians are now using mobile technology. We have smart hospitals. Now 28% of new drugs being developed and approved are personalized medicine. We need to develop rules for new healthcare systems and save these systems, he added.

Dr. John Lantos from USA talked about Medical Ethics and Story Telling. He was of the view that story telling was an essential aspect of morality. We need to tell these good stories again and again and listen to them carefully. In United States there are many problems like slavery, racism. Medical ethics take care of issues related to withholding of life support, abortion, disability and Euthanasia. We need to discuss should reasons shape our emotions and from where moral institutions come from? He also talked about lethal, fatal medical errors and ethical issues in emotional situations.

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