Prof. Adnan Aziz dies at young age of 44


 Failure to cope with stress

Prof. Adnan Aziz dies at young age of 44

KARACHI:  Prof. Adnan Aziz, Professor of Surgery at Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi passed away on Wednesday February 14, 2018 at the young age of forty four years. He was under lot of stress these days and failure to cope with that stress resulted in myocardial infarction which proved fatal.

According to reports, it was related to the publication of one of the papers in a Journal of Surgery in 2009, in which he was one of the authors. Later on it was found that one of the authors had betrayed the trust of other authors, indulged in plagiarism which was not detected by other authors as well as the journal  since plagiarism check software were not easily available in those days, and it got published. When it was noted later, the authors wrote to the Journal Editor and the paper was retracted.

On someone’s complaint, the issue was taken up by the Higher Education Commission which asked the DUHS conduct investigations. The case for plagirism was established but the authors had already retracted that paper. Hence, the DUHS Syndicate is reported to have taken certain decisions which were also implemented taking back additional charge from Prof. Adnan Aziz who was the correspondence author and other co-authors in the faculty of DUHS. The issue was settled and the decision was also accepted by those involved.  However, it is learnt,  another meeting held a few days later, the University (DUHS) Plagiarism Standing committee is reported to have recommended to the Syndicate to “Downgrade to the next lower level from Professor to Associate Professor all authors of that manuscript which were in the employment of DUHS”.

Prof. Adnan Aziz, it is learnt did discuss this with his friends and well-wishers who advised him to resign saying that irrespective of the fact who was actually involved in this plagiarism, scientific misconduct is established and DUHS was not the end of the world. He was also advised against going to the Court but Prof. Adnan Aziz did not accept this. He was of the view that the paper in question has already been retracted by the authors and even minus that paper, he had more papers than required to be eligible for Professorship. He went to the Court and also got stay order. However, the stress and strain was so much that he could not bear all this, had chest pain and suffered from myocardial infarction. He was rushed to the hospital but the MI   proved fatal and he passed away before any medical help could be provided.

Vice Chancellor of DUHS, Pro Vice Chancellor and many faculty members from DUHS, JPMC are reported to have attended his funeral. A large number of members of the medical profession from medical institutions in Karachi participated in the Dua and Quran Khawni held at his residence in DHA Phase-VIII on Friday February 16, 2018. He was born on December 25th 1974 and was the only son of Prof. Abdul Aziz, former faculty member of JPMC and former Councilor of CPSP.  One would like to sympathize with his parents. For his wife Dr. Sabeen Rehman, young children daughter Rida and son Izan, the world has changed since February 14th 2018 and they will have to live with these wounds which may never heal even with the passage of time, and they have a long long way to go.