A Colour Atlas of Minimal Invasive Surgery by Prof. Asif Zafar and colleagues


 Book Review

A Colour Atlas of Minimal Invasive Surgery 
by Prof. Asif Zafar and colleagues

An excellent training manual with illustrated
basic techniques of most commonly performed procedures

ISLAMABAD: The book under review is an excellent indigenous effort by renowned laparoscopic surgeon Prof. Asif Zafar Malik and his colleagues who have documented different techniques of most commonly performed procedures in minimally invasive surgery. Apart from being a very useful and informative book of practical value for practicing laparoscopic surgeons, it can also be used as a training manual for the young surgeons and postgraduates in this specialty. Prof. Asif Zafar, is a renowned surgeon who retired as Professor of Surgery from Rawalpindi Medical College few years ago and is currently affiliated with Al-Nafees Medical College, Isra University, and Islamabad. Other authors of the book include Dr. Faisal Murad and Dr. Qasim Ali Assistant Professor and Senior Registrar of Surgery respectively at Rawalpindi Medical College/Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi.

Writing in the Preface the authors have rightly pointed out that minimally invasive surgery is now virtually replacing open surgery and a large number of procedures are now being performed with satisfactory results.  The author had established a Virtual Trainer Lab in the Dept.of Surgery at Rawalpindi Medical College. The training consisted of three modules including basics of laparoscopic training lectures and demonstrations, working on virtual simulators. The trainees were required to assist and observe at least twelve procedures during the hands on training workshop. About five hundred surgeons, are reported to have benefitted from this training facility so far.  The objective of this atlas, the authors, state is to illustrate basic techniques of most commonly performed procedures. The whole contents of the atlas is based on their personal experience during teaching and training of laparoscopic surgery for many years.

The whole Atlas has been divided into ten sections which includes Introduction about simulation in laparoscopic surgery training, Basics of Minimal Invasive Surgery, Diagnostic laparoscopy, Laparoscopic Appendicectomy, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Hydatid Cyst, Laparoscopy in Acute Abdomen, Laparoscopic Repair for Hernia, Laparoscopy in Gynaecology, Minimal Invasive Urological Procedures. Beautiful colour photographs with detailed footnotes makes it extremely easy to understand for the readers who can then follow these commonly performed procedures satisfactorily once they have completed the basic training in minimally invasive surgery. What is more interesting is the fact that each and every picture used in this Atlas starting from the equipment, instruments to various invasive procedures are indigenous. The authors have indeed done a commendable job of documenting all these procedures which helped them to publish this Atlas.  One of the important reasons for our doctors not to write or contribute to literature is their inability to document whatever they do, an area in which the authors of this Atlas have excelled. The 174-page Atlas has a proper Index at the end.

The book is dedicated to the pioneers of laparoscopic surgery in Pakistan like Prof. Baddar Siddiqui, Prof. Mumtaz Maher and Prof. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry besides Prof. Ron Merrell of Virginia Commonwealth University from United States who was instrumental in laying the foundation stone of MIS and simulation training in Pakistan. Prof. Merrell has also written the Foreword of this Atlas and commended the efforts and selfless creativity of the Pakistani Surgical Community. The authors are generous in acknowledging the contributions made by Master Trainers of MIS workshops at Holy Family Hospital over the years which include apart from Prof. Merrell, Prof. Amir Nisar, Prof. Idrees Anwar, Prof. Naeem Zia, Dr. Mohammad Younas, Dr. Tariq Nawaz and Dr. Muhammad Atif Khan. The contributing authors to this Atlas include Dr. Tom Leslie and Dr.M. Kashif Khan while Dr. M. Shahzad Javid, Dr. M. Laiq Khan and Daniyal Siddiqui have also been acknowledged for their help and assistance in editing and compiling of this Atlas.  The quality of the paper used, printing and reproduction of the colour slides is exceptionally good. Price not mentioned. For details contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - SAJ

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