Sindh Chief Minister supports mandatory training of teachers in Health Professional Education


 AEME Conference on Medical Education at Karachi

Sindh Chief Minister supports mandatory training
of teachers in Health Professional Education

Doctors should serve the ailing humanity rather
than occupying administrative posts

Prof. Tariq Rafi urges Sindh Govt. to allocate 100 Acres of land for
JSMU to establish new Campus and 500-bed Teaching Hospital

President PM&DC reiterates his resolve to streamline
medical education taking care of traders who have
converted it into a profitable business

KARACHI: Syed Murad Ali Shah Chief Minister of Sindh has supported the demand by the organizers of the AEME Medical Education conference that training of all medical teachers in Health Professional Education should be mandatory. He has also suggested that doctors should serve the ailing humanity for which they have been trained rather than occupying administrative posts. He was speaking at the Gala Dinner of AEME (Association for Excellence in Medical Education) Conference held at Karachi from March 3-5, 2017. It was jointly organized by AEME in collaboration with Jinnah Sindh Medical University and Aga Khan University and it attracted a large number of medical educationists from all over the country besides numerous foreign delegates.” Local and regional Collaboration for Medical Education- Moving Forward” was the theme of the conference.

Medicine, Syed Murad Ali Shah said was a noble profession. The issues in medical education raised by President of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council are important and I fully agree with him that we need to take appropriate measures to enhance and improve the standard. At the same time it was also essential that the healthcare professionals take care of the marginalized people in the community. He also disclosed that three of his sisters were doctors but he was an Engineer by profession. Doctors are highly regarded in the society. The doctor patient relationship has undergone lot of strains and now even some patients are taking the doctors to courts. Pakistani doctors, he further stated, were doing a commendable job all over the world and some of them are occupying coveted posts at centers of excellence and reputed medical institutions overseas. Jinnah Sindh Medical University, he said, has accomplished lot during a short span of few years. It is important that doctors keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in medicine. Importance of quality education can never be over emphasized and it is essential that we induct talented competent students to join this profession for which merit should always be upheld. We cannot take any risk in this profession as doctors have to deal with the lives of the patients.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah presenting Mementoes to Prof. Janet Grant and other foreign delegates
at the AEME Conference GALA Dinner held on March 4, 2017. Also seen on extreme left is 
Prof. Tariq Rafi Vice Chancellor of JSMU.

Continuing Syed Murad Ali Shah said that many posts of doctors are currently lying vacant in the province. We need to induct seven thousand doctors but in the test of Public Service Commission only about two thousand qualified. I do not know the mechanism of tests by such bodies because if someone has become a doctor passing the examination, he must be competent otherwise he or she should not pass. Unfortunately a number of doctors, he said, were more interested in administrative posts rather than looking after the patients for which they had been trained. Regarding the demand for land for the JSMU, he asked the university administration to have a meeting and he would try to convince the relevant agencies, he added.

President PM&DC Prof. Shabbir Lehri speaking at the occasion said that such conferences are beneficial as it enhances the knowledge of healthcare professionals. We in the PM&DC are trying our best to promote medical education and ensure provision of safe doctors. Promotion of academic activities was our mission. We facilitate our doctors nationally and internationally and soon PM&DC will become a member of World Federation of Medical Education. At present we are in isolation. He also recalled the accomplishments of the council since they took over and said that undergraduate curriculum was almost nearing finalization and after that we will take up curriculum for postgraduate medical education to ensure uniformity in teaching and training as well as evaluation. In the recent past mushroom growth of medical and dental colleges in the private sector has created a difficult situation. He reiterated  his resolve to  streamline the medical education  warning those who have made it a profitable business saying that they must set their house in order, make up the deficiencies in teaching and training, otherwise either they will remain or we. He also sought help and cooperation of Sindh Chief Minister to take action against those institutions who are operating without the required facilities. We must remember that it is not the wars which destroy the nations but it is neglect of merit, denial of social justice which destroy Nations. Some private medical institutions admit students with 50% marks and then demand huge money as donation. We won’t allow this to continue. That is why we have come up with a central induction policy for medical students. Those who wish to make more money, should do some other business rather than joining the medical professor of setting up medical institutions in the private sector, he remarked.

Prof. Ara Tikean who spoke on behalf of AEME in the absence of Prof. Umar Ali Khan said that this conference is for the whole country and does not serve the purpose of any particular institution. It provides opportunities for the medical teachers to come and share their knowledge and experience with delegates from home and abroad. We have excellent relations with the PM&DC, we have signed an MOU with them and its leadership has been very supportive. So far we have had three meetings and discussed important issues with the PM&DC Council. President PM&DC is listening to us which is very encouraging. These conferences are to fulfil the mission of AEME. There were quite a few plenary sessions and numerous workshops. We wish that more and more people should publish their research in medical education in international medical education journals so that the world knows what is going on here, he added.

Prof. Rukhsana Zuberi in her speech said that we have many distinguished participants which includes Vice Chancellors, Deans, Principals and eminent medical teachers. Lot of credit for organizing this conferences goes to Prof. Lubna Baig Pro VC of Jinnah Sindh Medical University. At the Aga Khan University we have made it mandatory for all the teaches to do special course for Health Professional Education and they must do it within one year of their joining the university. It is for all teaches in medical, dental and nursing school. I am glad we have gained something. In the past we started teaching just after getting postgraduate degrees without any training but now medical education has changed a lot. It should be given importance. She also suggested that a Department of Medical Education should be established in every medical and dental college which should be headed by qualified medical educationists.

Prof. Rukhsana Zuberi was presented Life Time Achievement Award at the 
AEME Conference Gala Dinner in recognition of her services and accomplishments
in the field of Medical Education. Photograph taken on this occasion shows from
(L to R) Mr. Zuberi, Prof. Lubna Baig, Mrs. Murad Ali Shah, Prof. Rukhsana Zuberi, 
Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Prof.Umar Ali Khan.

Prof. David Gordon President of WFME in his address said that they work through regional associations and AEME was one such regional association working in the field of medical education. We work in collaboration with WHO. We are concerned about standard of medical education and how medical reduction is taught. We also wish to know how standards of medical education are safeguarded by PM&DC as we are also concerned about the promotion of quality of medical education and accreditation of medical schools. We will work with PM&DC to maintain international standards so that PM&DC is fully recognized. He made it clear that they were concerned with every country as regards their medical education particularly those countries which export doctors in greater number which include India, Brazil, and Pakistan.

Earlier Prof. Tariq Rafi Vice Chancellor of Jinnah Sindh Medical University in his welcome address thanked the Sindh Chief Minister for gracing the occasion with his presence. He also pointed out that at present JSMU was the biggest medical university in the province which has over four thousand students enrolled. We are mindful of our social responsibilities. We are also training Lady Health Workers and Midwives to reduce infant and maternal mortality. We have established Institute of Pharmacy, Institute of Public Health and Institute of Health Management.  We have just stated a dental college. We will soon inaugurate the state of the art diagnostic laboratory which will offer diagnostic facilities at cost price to help the patients. He further stated that all medical teaches are required to complete training in Certificate of Medical Education. We have also started MHPE programme and MD programme. We can be good physicians and good surgeons but cannot be good teachers unless we are properly training. The province of Punjab and KPK have started mandatory training for all medical and dental teachers and we need to do the same in Sindh province, he remarked. He also requested the Chief Minister to grant them one hundred acdres of land for new Campus where they also wish to establish a 500-Bed state of the art teaching hospital. Prof. Nazir Khan Chairman of the organizing committee also briefly addressed the meeting and thanked all those who made it a success.

Prof. Rukhsana Zuberi was also presented Life Time Achievement Award on this occasion. A citation recalling her accomplishments and professional career was read by Prof. Lubna Baig Convener of AEME 2017. Mementoes were also presented to AEME officials and some invited speakers.

The scientific programme on first day of the conference was held at Aga Khan University while on the second day it was at Jinnah Sindh Medical University.  A number of workshops were also organized at various institutions while a large number of workshops were also cancelled at the last minute.