Patient’s Aid Foundation & Govt. of Sindh help establish PET CT facility at JPMC


 An excellent example of Public-Private partnership costing Rs.400 Million

Patient’s Aid Foundation & Govt. of Sindh
help establish PET CT facility at JPMC

Jinnah Institute for Cancer and Research Center being planned
at JPMC will have 11-storied tower with six bunkers

KARACHI: In an excellent example of Public-Private Partnership, Patients Aid Foundation in collaboration with Government of Sindh has established PET CT facility at JPMC Karachi. Patients referred by oncologists and radiologists will be provided these diagnostic facilities absolutely free but it will be ensured that this facility is not misused and is provided only to those where it is indicated and justified. However, those who wish can contribute through donations from Zakat Funds upto Rs. 15,000/- per patient. In fact Patients Aid Foundation has been doing a commendable job over the last many years and has contributed a lot to the expansion and development of services at this premier postgraduate medical institution of the country. Prof.Tariq Mahmood Head of the Dept.of Radiology remains the moving spirit behind all this and he with the help of philanthropists and donor agencies keeps on initiating one project after the other at this institution.

Speaking at the Seminar on PET CT held at JPMC on February 24th to formally commission this facility, Prof.Tariq Mahmood also gave details of the development work undertaken by Patients Aid Foundation. Talking about the workload at the JPMC he said that this 1600-bed facility provides free service to 1.2 Million patients annually, offers sixty thousand admissions to patients, thirty thousand surgeries are performed, fifteen thousand deliveries are performed and 4, 38,000 patients are examined in emergency annually. The 130-Bed Accident and Emergency looks after twelve hundred patents daily free of cost and it has the largest turnover of trauma, head injury and victims of terrorism.

With the help of Soorty family, a new three story Soorty Block has been added which houses 80-Bed Medical ICU equipped with ten ventilators and Dermatology Department. Clinical oncology center at JPMC offers absolutely free radiotherapy facilities. Clinical Pathology debarments performs over 1.5 million tests every year which are again absolutely free. Dialysis facility is available round the clock and over 250 Pints of blood are provided free for needy patients for blood transfusion. There has been tremendous increase in the facilities being offered in the Department of Radiology. It now has twenty X-Ray machines, 32-US Doppler, three CT Scans, Three MRI, two Mammography units, one Dexa Scan, one Angiography machine, one PET CT, two Endoscopy and four Echocardiography machines.  The department serves over fourteen hundred patients daily and again all these services are absolutely free.

A state of the art 26-Bed ICU, High Dependency Unit with two dedicated Operation Theaters has been established at the Neurotrauma Unit offering free facilities. Cyber knife installed at JPMC is providing free procedures since 2012 and those who wish to contribute can donate US$ one thousand per patient.  This is the only unit in the world offering free cyber knife facilities. Since 2012, the number of patients treated  by Cyber knife include thirteen from KPK and  FATA region, thirty one from Punjab, Six from Baluchistan, forty four from Sindh province and a few from overseas as well.  These patients were referred by various medical institutions both in public and private sector. 

New Surgical and OPD Complex is now under construction which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.  This will have 600-beds, eighteen Operation Theaters, twenty eight ICUs and two thousand five hundred patients will be entertained in the OPD daily.  Speaking about the future projects of Patients Aid Foundation Prof.Tariq Mahmod said that Jinnah Institute for Cancer and Research Centre will be established in collaboration with Government of Sindh. The first Phase will cost sixty million rupees. It will be an eleven story tower with six bunkers and again this facility will also be absolutely free, Prof. Tariq Mahmood added.