Shiraz University announces two years course in Medical Journalism for overseas candidates


 Shiraz University announces two years course
in Medical Journalism for overseas candidates

SHIRAZ (IRAN): Dr. Behrooz Astaneh M.D, Vice President, EMAME who is also Editor-in-Chief, Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences has announced that after 8 years’ experience of training national students in medical journalism, from the academic year staring Sep/2017, Medical Journalism Department of the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, will offer the Master of Science course on medical Journalism to international students. All regional and international applicants can apply through this link: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences - SUMS.

It may be mentioned here that Dr. Behrooz Astaneh is the pioneer of this course the course. This course, he says  is unique in the region to train applicants who want to work as editors of medical journals as they will academically be trained in various aspects of medical journalism and management of a medical journal from its terminology to articles screening, peer review, critical appraisal, research and publication ethics, history, and also some other important modules including online production, magazine production, related English language, media law, copy editing, journals' graphic, epidemiology, biostatistics and so on that any editor needs to know while managing a medical journal. The course has been designed for approximately a two-year period and the tuition fee is very reasonable compared with even short term courses in this field i.e. about two thousand US Dollar per year).

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, which is the host of the course is one of the most reputable medical universities in Iran and Shiraz is located in the south of the country with a pleasant climate. For further details contact Dr. Behrooz Astaneh at e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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