President Mamoon Hussain urges doctors to uphold professional ethics and improve on time management


 International Medical Conference by AZNMC & RCP London

President Mamoon Hussain urges doctors to
uphold professional ethics and improve
on time management

Govt. will soon announce special pay package
for doctors working in rural areas

We are happy at our re-engagement with medical
profession in Pakistan-Prof. David Warrell

RCP requested to start holding final clinical
PACES Examination -Prof. Akbar Chaudhry

LAHORE: Inaugurating the Three Day International Medical Conference organized by Azra Naheed Medical College in collaboration with Royal College of Physicians London from February 26-28th 2016, President Mamoon Hussain has urged the medical profession to uphold professional ethics and also improve upon time management. Our moral values, he further stated, have degraded. We need to improve our moral values and image with positive attitude and thinking. At times the patients visiting doctors for consultation have to wait for too long.  Doctors must realize that the patient’s time is also important hence they should be careful while giving appointments so as to avoid un-necessary long waiting time.

This international conference, he opined, will help improve medical education and healthcare in Pakistan. It will provide a unique opportunity to Pakistani physicians and delegates from RCP London to have useful discussions and exchange of ideas. It will also create more opportunities from which both Pakistan and UK will benefit. Physicians in Europe benefitted a lot from the contributions of Muslim Physicians in the good old days. Royal College of Physicians London is kept in high esteem and enjoys international credibility maintaining high standards.  The standard of medical education in Pakistan was also quite good but there are some issues which needs to be looked into.

AZNMC in collaboration with RCP London organized an international medical conference at Lahore
from February 26-28th2016. Sitting on the dais during the inaugural session from (L to R) are
Ch. Abdul Rehman, Governor Punjab Rafiq Rajwana, President Mamoon Hussain,
Prof. M.Akbar Chaudhry, Prof. David Warrell
and Prof. Shabbir Lehri President of PM&DC.

He specially referred to lack of basic healthcare facilities in rural areas and urban slums, the unhygienic environment which results in more diseases. If we can look after these things, most of our healthcare problems will be solved to a great extent. These issues needs to be looked into by the government, civil society while physicians should also help Government. We need to sign MOUs with institutions overseas for further collaboration in research which needs to be promoted.

Speaking about the non-availability of healthcare in far flung areas where young doctors are reluctant to serve which has created serious situation. Health infrastructure also needs to be developed and opportunities created so that healthcare professionals could work with devotion in these areas. The Government, President Mamoon Hussain remarked, was seized of this issue and will soon announce special pay package for doctors working in rural areas. He hoped that RCP London will soon start MRCP Final clinical PACES examination in Pakistan.

President Mamoon Hussain presenting mementoe to Prof. M. Akbar Chaudhry and Prof. Shabbir Lehri
of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council at the International Medical Conference
organized by AZNMC and RCP London at Lahore recently.

Referring to the travel restrictions imposed on Pakistan because of Polio, the President said that it was not fair and needs to be removed. We will take up this issue at various forums. The world needs to be sympathetic towards us. We too did not take some of these issues very seriously in the past. We need to learn from history, from our mistakes and also benefit from others experiences.  He also referred to the unethical practices indulged in by the physicians and hoped that they will start practicing ethical medicine. Medicine is a noble profession which not only allows you to earn living but you can also please God Almighty by looking after the ailing humanity. We respect doctors, society gives you lot of respect hence serve them with devotion and it will earn you something good in the world thereafter as wsell. We today see corruption in all fields. We cannot afford this. Doctors should be extra careful. We all have to join hands to improve upon the present situation. We have got an opportunity in the form of CPEC. Lot of development is taking place and it promises a very bright future for our country and the region. He requested every one present to contribute whatever they can do to serve the country.

Prof. David Warrell, International Director of Royal College of Physicians London in his speech said that they were happy with their re-engagement with the medical profession in Pakistan.  There are misconceptions about security concerns. He commended the efforts made by Prof. Javed Akram and Prof. M. Akbar Chaudhry for organizing this academic event. Continuing Prof. Warrell said that they were here in Pakistan to learn from their Pakistani counterparts. We wish to re-establish our friendship and collaboration. Referring to the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) Prof. Warrell said that it will provide two years training to Pakistani postgraduates in NHS Hospitals in UK. There are numerous new ideas which offer new solutions to the problems. We are reviving our historic relations with various countries. For Pakistan we have mutual respect and Pakistanis are contributing a lot to the British society. We wish to supplement our collegial relations between Pakistan and UK, he added.

President Mamoon Hussain presenting mementoe to Ch. Abdul Rehman Chief of Superior Group of
institutions, Governor of Punjab Mr. Rafiq Rajwana and Prof. David Warrell International Director
of RCP London during
the International Medical Conference organized by
AZNMC and RCP London at Lahore recently.

Prof. M. Akbar Chaudhry the chief organizer of the conference in his address said that Royal College of Physicians London was five hundred years old institution which enjoys great respect and credibility in the field of medical education. It provides a best role model in healthcare to the society. At present about twenty two thousand Members and Fellows of the Royal College are settled overseas. It has produced physicians of highest standards. Government of Pakistan realizes the importance of RCP London and our strong linkage with the Royal Colleges.It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the Royal Colleges of UK have contributed a lot. In the past many physicians from Pakistan used to go to UK for postgraduate training but now since availability of training slots is very difficult, it has affected us adversely. It is important that Pakistani physicians are exposed to the Medicine being practiced in the developed world. RCP has been conducting Part-I and Part-II Examinations in Pakistan for the last few years but PACES exam could not be started so far. A vast majority of doctors are waiting to appear in this examination. He requested the RCP London leadership to start holding PACES exam in Pakistan. Government of Pakistan will provide all facilities and ensure security for the conduct of this examination. He also appreciated the RCP support for training of Pakistani physicians.

Chaudhry Abdul Rehman Chief of Superior Group of institutions in his speech said that this joint meeting between AZNMC and RCP London will promote medical education and healthcare in this region. It will also educate people on health issues.  It will provide an opportunity to the participants to share knowledge, expertise and experience. This will also make AZNMC a hub of academic activity and meetings between people in different specialties. We ourselves are committed to serve the people and the society, he added.

Royal College of Physicians London delegates during their recent visit to Pakistan photographed
the Lahore Forte and the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

Prof. Javed Akram Convener of the conference in his introductory remarks said that this joint international medical conference will open Academic Corridor between Pakistan and United Kingdom. We need to be good human beings and uphold professional ethics at all cost. We need to update our knowledge with exchange of ideas. He hoped that RCP London will continue to hold such meetings in Pakistan in future as well and we plan to organize the next conference in Islamabad. He also advocated collaboration in research and reviewing of Pakistan’s relations with Royal Colleges of United Kingdom.

Later the President presented mementoes to the visiting guests from RCP London and members of the organizing committee including President of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Prof. Shabbir Lehri who was also present. Detailed clinical proceedings of the conference to follow in the next issue.

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