PM&DC to initiate re-certification of GPs every five years with compulsory 5 CME Credit Hours


PM&DC to initiate re-certification of GPs every
five years with compulsory 5 CME Credit Hours

Re-certification and Revalidation of consultants also planned
in collaboration with medical institutions and
professional specialty organizations

LAHORE: Five Credit Hours of Continuing Medical Education will be mandatory for re-certification of all general practitioners after every five years. Similarly Re-certification and Re-validation of all consultants is also being planned in collaboration with various medical institutions and professional specialty organizations. This was stated by Prof. Masood Hameed VC Dow University of Health Sciences while speaking at the recently concluded AEME Conference on Medical Education held at University of Health Sciences Lahore. DUHS has recently launched web based e-learning programmes for Family Physicians and General Practitioners and other institutions can chalk out similar CME programmes, he added.
Giving further details, Prof. Masood Hameed said that Medical Universities, professional specialty organizations or any other institution can get itself registered with the PM&DC for providing Continuing Medical Education. They will issue the CME certificates and PM&DC will honour that. We are also planning to establish highly skilled Labs at various medical institutions because in the recent past the complications rate has increased, hence it is important that the practitioners get their skills updated. All the professional specialty organizations, medical institutions can also apply to get their CME programmes accredited. Responding to questions from Prof. Rukhsana Zuberi and Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid regarding the role of professional specialty organizations as it is their responsibility in the developed world, Prof. Masood Hameed said that professional specialty organizations is an important resource and we are going to use them, avail their expertise and fully involve them in this CME, Continuous Professional Development programmes. Answering yet another question, he said that one should not mix up Continuing Medical Education (CME) with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) although they are overlapping to some extent. CPD is a lifelong academic activity and Re-validation is necessary only for those who under perform. We are working on Re-validation of MD and MS degrees. All institutions and professional specialty organizations holding medical conferences, seminars and symposia can apply for accreditation of their programmes for CME credit.
Answering to yet another questions what will happen to those consultants who do not pass this Re-certification programme, Prof. Masood Hameed said, let us not talk about pass or fail. We are not going to adopt punitive measures. The main objective is to ensure that all the healthcare professionals keep themselves update with latest developments in their respective fields and keep up their professional skills to ensure patient safety. CPD is required by all healthcare professionals to climb on the ladder of prosperity, move upward in their academic careers, he remarked.