Work in Peripheral Vascular Disease is a long term investment for which we need to encourage the concept of multidisciplinary teams-Prof. Basit


 Seminar on Management Peripheral Vascular Disease at NICVD

Work in Peripheral Vascular Disease is a
long term investment for which we need
to encourage the
concept of
multidisciplinary teams-Prof. Basit

Setting up of Diabetic Foot Clinics has helped reduce
the amputation rate to a great extent

PVD clinics start functioning at NICVD in collaboration
with various centers - Prof. Khan Shah Zaman Khan

By Dr. Musarrat Riaz

KARACHI: Peripheral vascular diseases (PVD) was seen in 31.5% of patients in Pakistan In a cross-sectional data of diabetics with diabetic foot visiting Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (BIDE) This was stated by Prof. Abdul Basit, Director Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology while talking about the prevalence of PVD in Pakistan at a seminar organized by National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease recently.
In his presentation he further stated that about 40,000 legs are lost annually in Pakistan. Presenting facts & figures in a retrospective data of 17026 diabetic patients visiting BIDE, he pointed out that almost 17.9% patients had PVD while prevalence of PVD in diabetic patients without foot ulcers and with foot ulcers were 16.2% & 27.6% respectively. One hundred and fifteen diabetic foot clinics have been established in Pakistan, out of which 103 are minimal model clinics and the rest are intermediate model clinics. He further added that the amputation rate following diabetic foot ulcers has been decreased by 75% with the development of multidisciplinary teams. Prof. Basit stressed that work in PVD is a long term investment and a long time process and concept of multidisciplinary teams for the management of PVD should be encouraged. Dr. Abdul Basit offered that BIDE was willing to collaborate with NICVD in the establishment of PVD clinics.
Prof. S.M. Muneer talked about pathophysiology and management of diabetic foot, while Dr. Yousuf Kamal discussed evaluation of peripheral vascular diseases and different investigative modalities available for diagnosis and different procedures that are used in the treatment of PVD.
Dr. Tahir Saghir talked about various revascularization techniques for critical limb ischemia (CLI) including percutaneous endovascular intervention (PEI). Both angioplasty & bypass surgery are used for the treatment of (CLI), depending on the patients condition & presenting features.
Earlier in his speech Prof. Khan Shah Zaman, Executive Director National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) pointed out that NICVD was starting Peripheral Vascular Diseases Management Programme from March 2013. Up till now NICVD has mainly focused on cardiac illnesses and in this regard it offers state of the art facilities and treatment, however peripheral vascular diseases (PVD) has long been neglected mainly because facilities and expertise were not available. On individual level work in PVD has been done by some doctors but it was not co- ordinated, now the situation has changed as training workshops have been arranged for the doctors and new diagnostic and intervention facilities both invasive & non invasive are available at NICVD and PVD clinics will start functioning soon in collaboration with various centers.

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