Early intervention to correct club feet gives good satisfactory results-Prof.Anisuddin Bhatti


7th Club Foot: PONSETI technique workshop at Sukkur

Early intervention to correct club feet gives
good satisfactory results-Prof.Anisuddin Bhatti

Club Foot Clinics should be established with Ponseti
trained Orthopaedic surgeons in every hospital

SUKKUR: The 7th Club Foot: Ponseti Technique Workshop was organized here at SMBB University GM MEDICAL COLLEGE SUKKUR on 2nd March 2013. This one day Workshop was innaugurated by Pro VC of SMBBU & Principal GMMC Sukkur Prof. Abrar Shaikh. Prof.Asadullah Mahar welcomed the speakers and participants to the workshop. Prof.Anisuddin Bhatti who is a focal person PONSETI GROUP PAKISTAN of POA’s Paediatric Orthopaedic Forum was the facilitator for this workshop.
He elaborated in detail on the need for early intervention to correct Clubfeet before it become too late to achieve succesful results. He stressed on to get all club feet corrected completely within a month or two after birth. The children with neglected Clubfeet feel themselves as less privileged, dejected, less productive in the society and society itself looks at then as a curse on the society. He explained how we could control this situation by early intervention projects with the help of POA, PIA-USA & the Government. That is truely possible if we are able to establish a network of PONSETI CLINICS in every health institution, district and taulka hospitals at least single or two days a week under the supervision of Ponseti trained Orthopaedic surgeons. With this objective, this 7th clubfoot Ponseti technique workshop was being held in the centre of Sindh province. The enthusiastic particapation of 50 Orthopaedic surgeons, Residents & Orthopaedic tecnicians / nurses from Larkana to Rahimyarkhan, Hyderabad to Jacobabad is the evidence to the importance & need of this workshop here in this region, he added.

Participants of the Club Foot Ponseti workshop photographed with Prof. Abrar Sheikh,
Asadullh Maher and Prof. Anisuddin Bhatti.

The programme consisted of presentations by eminent experts in the field i.e. Prof. Anis Bhatti JPMC Karachi, Dr. Mujahid Humail DUHS Karachi, Dr. Mehtab Pirwani LUMHS Hyderabad, Dr. Zamir Soomro SMBBU Larkana & Dr. Shakeel Abbasi GMMC Sukkur. They discussed in detail various aspects oh pathoanatomy of Clubfeet to Ponseti treatment. Dr. Mujahid explained the pathoanatomy and contracted ligaments that needs to be gragually and politely streached instead to ruptur. Dr. Zamir Soomro talked on the role of pre and post cast assesment and scoring and highlighted the importance of Pirani scoring system. 
Dr. Shakeel Abbasi explained the procedure of percutaneous tenotomy to be done easily in clinic under sterile preparation. He opined that only minute surgery is required in Ponseti method. Dr Mehtab discussed the role of Foot Abduction braces and followup that is very important to achieve satisfactory results. He also talked about the role of Ilizarov in Neglected adolescent Clubfeet. Prof. Asadullah Mahar and the Chief Giuest Prof. Abrar Shaikh discussed success story of Ponseti Methodology. Dr, Bhatti’s main presentation was on step by step technique of ponseti.
The presentations were followed by vedio session demonstrating Ponseti technique and Foot Abduction Bracing to maintain correction. Videos were followed by Hand on Traingining. Every one participated in Hands on Training on Ponseti’s articulated foot model, Ponseti’s rubber foot medel, Foot Abduction Brace application on Plastic baby models with help of a faculty on each of the six tables. The Course Director Prof. Anis Bhatti made another presentation on relapse and difficult feet wherein he emphasized the importance of repeated parents counseling to achieve results targeted for adulthood. In every nonoperative trteatment of clubfeet it is mandatory to use foot abduction brace correctly of proper type and timing, without FAB relase rate would be very high. He further stated that if FAB caliper is discontinued don’t blame on parent but be patient look at brace and shoe for problems and discuss with parents how to continue, be sure you will get full confidence and compliance only by being kind to the parents. (PR)