All doctors must do rotation in anesthesia to learn how to Resuscitate, intubate a patient- Dr. Mueed Ahmad


 Advances in Emergency Medicine

All doctors must do rotation in anesthesia to learn how to Resuscitate, intubate a patient- Dr. Mueed Ahmad

Bedside Ultrasound training for doctors
should be a part of clinical skills

KARACHI: Dr. Mueed Ahmad, specialist in Emergency Medicine from Abu Dhabi UAE talked about advances in emergency medicine during one of the sessions at PSIM Third Annual conference held at Karachi recently. He pointed out that he has seen so many cases of rabies and tetanus in Pakistan which we never see in UK. There is a need to establish Emergency Medicine Departments in all teaching hospitals. The doctors should be trained how to intubate a patient, all doctors must do one to two months rotation in the department of anesthesia to learn how to resuscitate the patient and how to intubate a patient. Muscle relaxants are used in obese patients.

Continuing Dr. Mueed said that Rocuromum is used 1.5mg/kg. PCR test is costly. Inspectir is a three minute test and its cost will come down in the days to come. Speaking about surviving sepsis, he opined, blood culture was a must He then discussed a few case histories and shared their management. The first case was of a five years old child who was vomiting, was severely dehydrated. It is important in such cases to check blood group and don’t miss DKA. Prepare a protocol for management of DKA in paediatric patients for your hospital. One should know when to use IV fluids and when to stop insulin, he remarked.

The next patient was a fifty five years old male with stable IHD. He was on Aspirin and Statins. In such patients, use of Colchicine, he stated, is good for cardiovascular protection. Next patient was seventy years old female suffering from acute respiratory failure. She was not responding to Lasix, Such patients may go on ventilation. In such patients High Flow Nasal Oxygen (HFNO) is very useful. It has low intubation rate and oxygenation will also improve. Young doctors, he further stated, must learn how to do bedside ultrasound. Correct diagnosis in POCUS is essential. Next patient Dr. Mueed discussed was a fifty two years old male who complained of headache, fever. Nasopharyngeal swab was taken for diagnosis. With proper assessment and management, un-necessary medications are avoided. Be careful about anaphylaxis, asthmatic patients have lot of problems and one may lose life There are 18% episodes in asthmatic patients.. Epinephrine can be used but it is a very expensive drug, he remarked.

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