PPMA getting ready to plead the Case of the Pharma Industry


 PPMA getting ready to plead the 
Case of the Pharma Industry

Sales Tax Refund, Drug Registration, Drug Prices, working of
DRAP & other issues identified for dialogue with authorities

KARACHI: Mr. Saeed Allawala former Chairman of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association and Chief of Atco Laboratories hosted a dinner reception in honour of Chairman of PPMA Qazi M. Mansoor Dilawar, Senior Vice chairman Mr. Adnan Hirani, Vice chairman Mr. Atif Iqbal and other Executive Committee members at his residence on June 6th 2022. It was very well attended by representatives from the Pharma Industry from all over Pakistan. This also provided them an opportunity to discuss the problems faced by the industry and chalk out a plan for engaging the authorities to find an amicable solution.

After a brief welcome address by M. Saeed Allawala, Dr. Kaiser Waheed Sheikh conducted the meeting and opined that as far as his assessment was concerned, the issue of sales tax refund was not going to be resolved soon. The PPMA leadership, he pointed out must get united and stand up to get their demands implemented, the appeasement policy pursued so far has failed to achieve the desired objectives.

Mr. Zahid Saeed another former Chairman of PPMA and Chief of Indus Pharma speaking on the occasion said that recently the cost of production has gone up by 8-9% hence the industry must be allowed to increase drug by 9% immediately if the industry has to survive. The Government does not seem to be prepared to pay sales tax refund of thirty six billion rupees. Let us give a deadline to the government and then go to the court, he remarked. The industry Mr. Zahid Saeed further sated will have to follow the international practices gradually, improve the knowledge of staff, and invest in human resource and their training. Some of the projects do not cost much and they can be implemented. He also urged the companies to share their knowledge with each other to upgrade our drug manufacturing units. We need to develop to improve and increase our exports.

Mr. Hamid Raza spoke about the future of the pharma industry and pointed out that We are all busy but if we wish to work for the industry we have to find some time. We need to support people who are working for the welfare of the industry on the front lines. There are lot of challenges for the industry to survive. We are not getting the price that we deserve, without price increase one cannot plan, drug registration problem is still there. However, despite all this the future of the pharma industry is promising if we plan carefully. We need to upgrade our plants for accreditation. Top fifty companies have no problem and they can do it. We need to invest in training of our human resource which is extremely important, we need to look at the international pharmaceutical market. At times the regulations are such that we are treated as enemies and one has to pay bribe at different levels to get even routine things done. Those units who have no problem, should focus on drug exports and create something innovative.

Chairman PPMA Qazi Mansoor Dilawar in his speech said he was hopeful that we will get the sales tax refund. We have initiated dialogue with the new government, have had discussions with Punjab Health Minister Kh. Salman Rafique, Federal Health Minister and the Finance Minister. We have been promised sales tax refund, working for one molecule one price, the drug prices will have to be increased. Few companies have gone to the Lahore High Court. Issues related to DRAP are there, recent notification issued by the DRAP regarding lack of availability of safety efficacy data on some drugs like Paracetamol plus Thioridazine plus caffeine tables, Diclofenac potassium 75mg and 100mg tablets, Famotidine Liquid suspension where by the concerned manufacturers have been directed to ensure immediate recall will create problems and encourage black marketing. The industry should have been given some time to implement such measures. After the budget, we hope to meet the Finance Minister and we plan to focus on DRAP issues hardship case, he remarked. Mr. Yasin Malik Chairman Hilton Pharma also briefly addressed the gathering. At the end Mr. Atif Iqbal thanked the colleagues for gracing the occasion with their presence and M. Saeed Allawala for hosting the reception.

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