Health Minister not consulted in PIC chief appointment?


Health Minister not consulted
in PIC chief appointment?

LAHORE: According to unconfirmed reports the Punjab Health Minister Prof. Yasmin Rashid was not consulted, invited to the interview to select the Executive Director of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC). It is the Chief Minister of Punjab who is reported to have interviewed the candidates and then made a decision to appoint Dr. Saqib Shafi Sheikh to head this tertiary cardiac care facility. According to a report appearing in Daily Dawn of May 31st, even the laid down procedure was bypassed in PIC head selection.
Punjab Health Minister Prof. Yasmin Rashid is an intelligent healthcare professional who

ike many other Ministers and Advisors of PTI Government has neither landed through Parachute nor is she a stranger to the medical profession in Pakistan. She has spent her entire professional career as a teacher, lives in Pakistan, knows the medical profession, has been an important leader of Pakistan Medical Association and also knows the ground realities. She will eventually get the credit or discredit for any step taken in the health sector in the province. Hence justice demands that she should be given a free hand and allowed to run and manage the health department.

The Chief Minister Punjab who is trying to give the impression that he is the Man in Command in the province often takes some decisions which have to be taken back. One such recent decisions was that when he went to Mayo Hospital and visited the Emergency, he expressed his displeasure at the facilities being provided and suspended the Medical Superintendent. Little does the Chief Minister realize that the hospital will provide the facilities if proper funds are made available. The Chief Minister did get some publicity in the media but it tarnished the image of the profession and the Medical Superintendent in particular. Later when a delegation of the medical profession met the Chief Minister and told him that the suspended officer was most honest, efficient which has improved the services tremendously, he was reinstated. But the damage was already done as regards the character assassination of the official concerned. Efforts should be made to avoid such incidents in future which also brings lot of bad name to the provincial government.