CDC honours and presents Awards to 28 distinguished personalities in different fields


Cholistan Awards 2015

CDC honours and presents Awards to 28
distinguished personalities in different fields

Promotion of Interface Harmony, Relationship and Cultural heritage
of this Region are some of our objectives- Farooq Ahmad Khan

BAHAWALPUR: Cholistan Development Council of Pakistan is the dream child of Malik Farooq Khan a social worker from Bahawalpur which is working for the development of the region and promotion of the culture of the area for the last seventeen years. It started honouring people in different fields to recognize their outstanding achievements and accomplishments and what started as a District level Award has now become an international ceremony. The basic objective of these Cholistan Awards, Farooq Ahmad Khan says is to revive rich cultural heritage of Cholistan and to recognize local and national Heroes with their extra ordinary work. It has achieved its objective since those who are honoured and recognized every year feel that their work is valued and it also creates awareness that good work will be rewarded. This recognition, Farooq Ahmad Khan says, makes others to strive for excellence and the society as a whole benefits from it.

Farooq Ahmad Khan
Executive Director
Cholistan Development Council

Cholistan Annual Awards ceremony held annually, Farooq Khan says, is a chance for celebration and reflection. People get a break, getting their minds away for daily routine and help them see a bigger picture. It also provides them an opportunity to discusses the importance of their work and achievements of those who are awarded. Since 2011, Cholistan Development Council is celebrating this grand event in collaboration with the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Cholistan Awards are presented in more than twenty categories.

Cholistan Development Council organized its Seventeenth Annual Awards at the magnificent auditorium of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur on Sunday May 17th 2015. On an invitation from Prof. Javed Iqbal, Head of the Dept. of Surgery and Director Dept. of Medical Education at QAMC, I had the privilege of attending this ceremony and it turned out to be a fascinating experience.  This was my first introduction to Cholistan Development Council and till then I was not at all aware about this organization and the commendable job it has been doing for the last so many years. I was also delighted to know that two senior faculty members of QAMC Prof. Javed Iqbal and Prof.Munir Azhar both of whom have lot of interest in not only medical education but literature and arts as well are members of the Board of Directors of Cholistan Development Council and both of them along with Madam Razia moderated the awards proceedings in such a professional manner that the audience was kept fully involved till the end past midnight when the programme came to an end. Apart from brief speeches from the organizers, the programme was planned in such a way that after awarding a few personalities, someone from the folk singers or artists would come and give his/her performance. Earlier the programme had started with Salami by the Band and a spectacular Fire Work.

Prof. Haroon Khurshid Pasha Principal QAMC presenting a mementoe to
Behar Begum during the CDC Awards 2015 held at Quaid-e-Azam Medical
College auditorium on May 17, 2015. Picture also shows Prof. Munir Azhar
and Prof. Javed Iqbal from QAMC who are members of the Board of Directors of CDC.

For the 2015 Cholistan Awards, Cholistan Development Council had selected twenty eight eminent personalities from all over the country most of whom were personally present to receive their Awards. His Excellency Ambassador of Japan Hiroshi Inomata was the Chief Guest on this occasion.  Those honoured  included eminent poet and literary figure Mr. Amjad Islam Amjad,  Mr. Zia Mohayudin from performing arts, Ms. Knawel Naseer from Broadcasting,  Film Actress Behar Begum, Naat Khan  Prof. Abdul Rauf  Rufi,  Mr. Rafique Mughal, Mr. Sikandar Baloch and Dr. Irfan Ali Baig, Nawazzan Bibi, Prof. Qaiser Mushtaq, Ms. Samina Baig in Mounteering,  Mr.Ehsan Sadiq from Police, Prof. Asif Ali from Agriculture, Ms. Annam Imtiaz Cholistan Arts, Dr.Samina Badar, Prof. Asif Ali, Abdullah Dayo from Youth Development,  Saadiq Ali Shahzad from Fine Arts, Mr.Azhar Ali, Lion Shabbir Malik,  Mr. Inayatullah from Bomb Disposal Squad, Mr. Abdul Satar from Education,  Mr.Zaheer Abbas from sports and so on. Yet another important feature of this meeting was that people from different faith i.e. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims all were invited and attended the function. In his brief speech on the occasion Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan Executive Director of Cholistan Development Council said that one of the objectives of CDC was to promote interface harmony and relationship.  Songs of various regions were presented by the local artists supplemented with regional dances to highlight the culture of various regions. Mr. Farooq Khan further stated that once we invited the Ambassador of China as the chief guest at these Awards who was immensely impressed. Later he asked me what he or their country China can do for us. We said that we do not need anything for ourselves but do something four our country. After discussions he agreed to set up a 50 Megawatt solar energy plant in Cholistan and later the Government of Pakistan also got involved and interested and this project has now become one of the mega energy projects in the shape of one thousand megawatt Quaid-e-Azam Solar Energy Park which was formally inaugurated by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Mohammad Nawaz Shareef recently and work on this project is in full swing. Last year we invited Turkish Ambassador to our Awards Ceremony. He also asked us what he or their country can do for us and our reply was the same, do something for our city and country. The result was the implementation of a Waste Management programme by a Turkish company which has ensured that Bahawalpur is a neat and clean city. All colours in the society, he said, are due to humanism and togetherness and through Cholistan Awards we are trying to gather these colours to make a bouquet of life full of harmony peace and tolerance which ensures all round progress.  Cholistan Awards ceremony is now becoming catalyst to bring social cohesion, harmony, tolerance and peace and we are determined to continue to do so in future as well. Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan concluded his speech by stating that when we talk of our rights, we must also know our responsibilities as citizens of this State and do whatever we can do for this country.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Chief Editor Pulse International presenting a mementoe
to Ms Anam Imtiaz at the CDC Awards 2015 held recently. On right is Prof.Javed Iqbal.

Mr. Wilayat Hussain a local artist presented Shehnai on flute and when Mr. Rafique Mughal was invited to the stage to receive his award, he got tremendous applause. Despite the fact that he got education in the West and is a known research scholar, he was dressed in the local traditional dress and thus became the object of attraction for every one present in the jam-packed auditorium. This showed that he had not forgotten his routes and was proud of his cultural heritage. Daughter of famous folk singer Reshmaan who hailed from Cholistan mesmerized every one when she sang the famous song of her mother:

She then recited a famous song sung by Madam Noor Jehan

Ghulam Fareed Lashari another local folk singer danced to the tune of

One of the receipients conveyed his message by reciting  the following  couplet  and it conveyed a lot:

Some of the eminent personalities honoured and awarded were presented mementoes by Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan and Prof. Haroon Khursheed Pasha Principal of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College. It was not only Prof. Javed Iqbal but Prof. Haroon Khursheed Pasha and Prof. Munir Azhar as well who were all keenly interested to get themselves photographed with famous actress Behar Begum and she obliged all of them and this scene was preserved by the Camera for all times to come. All those who were honoured were also asked to say few words and all of them commended the efforts of Cholistan Development Council and thanked it for the honour and recognition.

His Excellency Ambassador of Japan Hiroshi Inomata while accepting the Award said that he knew it was an Aware not for me personally but for the people of Japan and I accept it on their behalf. He further stated that Japan will continue to collaborate in the social and economic development of Pakistan.  The Awards Ceremony went on till past Midnight and when the guests were taken for Dinner at a restaurant, the Japanese Ambassador jokingly remarked that that let us have an early Break Fast since it was already 0.30 AM early in the morning. On the whole it was a unique function and all those who had the opportunity to attend it will cherish the sweet memories for a long long time. Well done Cholistan Development Council and congratulations to Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan in particular and all the members of Board of Directors of CDC including Prof. Javed Iqbal and Prof. Munir Azhar in general.

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