Young doctor’s activities are bringing bad name to the medical profession whose public image is already at its lowest ebb


Young doctor’s activities are bringing bad name
to the medical profession whose public image
is already at its lowest ebb

Materialistic virus has infected them to such an extent that they
have even forgotten the oath they take at the time of graduation

LAHORE: Activities of the young doctors like going on strike every other day on one pretext or the other, closing the healthcare facilities and depriving the poor who avail the facilities of these healthcare institutions, misbehaving and even beating, torturing their senior professional colleagues which has been shown on the electronic media quite often is bringing a bad name to the medical procession as a whole. All this is happening at a time when the public image of this profession which was once known to be “Noble” was at its lowest ebb.
Materialistic virus, it appears has infected this profession to such an extent that they have forgotten the oath they take at the time of their formal graduation. They should be mindful of the fact that Medicine as a profession has its own professional callings, requirements and ethics which are much different from other professions. Here they are dealing with the ailing humanity and to withhold treatment, deprive patients of care is not only a sin but a crime against humanity. Those who wish to make quick money should better go and take up other professions which will ensure them much more money with fewer years of education and training. They are under no compulsion to join this profession. This also shows many of those who get admission in the medical and dental colleges may not be psychologically fit to join this profession that is why in many countries, at the entry test and interview, the selectors who approve their admission take extra precautions and those who are found to be deficient in some of the basic qualities essential for a healthcare professional are not offered admission.
There is no denying the fact that members of the medical profession particularly the young doctors are paid far less as compared to other professionals but then the respect and dignity which comes with this profession is something which other professionals may not enjoy. If the young doctors are not so impatient and do not opt for short cuts but instead work with devotion and dedication, improve their qualifications, establish their image and credibility, money will run after them. But the tragedy is that the fresh medical graduates wish to have everything too quickly and too soon and in this materialistic world, do not hesitate even indulging in unethical medical practice. Some of these youngsters are also spoiled by the pharmaceutical trade and industry that have their own vested interests and use them to promote their sales.
They must learn to respect their seniors rather than abusing them, torturing and beating them, the scenes that we often see on the television screens. If they do not change themselves, they will repent later but by then, it will be too late. Hence, it is the time that they think over these issues seriously, improve their attitudes not only with the patients but also with their professional colleagues in general and seniors in particular. Going on strike too frequently will never earn them any public sympathy; instead they will lose whatever little respect they have in the eyes of public. Instead of asking for more facilities and increase in pay for themselves, they should impress upon the authorities to improve the functioning of the healthcare facilities, provide them comfortable working environment and security so that they can look after the ailing humanity with devotion and concentrate on their professional duties and obligations. Once that is achieved, they will earn the public sympathy who could become their greatest supporters and advocate to give them better remuneration and other facilities. Those who misbehave, don’t respect their seniors can never flourish in their professional life and no one remembers them with good words either.