Latest war and attack by Israel against Gaza and Gaza citizens was the strongest


Latest war and attack by Israel against
Gaza and Gaza citizens was the strongest
Over three hundred people died which included Women
and Children as well

ISLAMABAD: Israel atrocities in Palestine continues for the last many years and the latest war and attack by Israel against Gaza and Gaza citizens was the strongest which has resulted in loss of over three hundred precious lives which includes women and children as well says Dr. Younis Skaik a noted Hematologist and researcher who was in Germany doing his PhD but cannot return home for various reasons.

In a communication addressed to Pulse International, Dr. Younis Skaik has thanked the people of Pakistan for showing their concern about Palestine. She further states that over three thousand got injured and over three hundred big building were completely destroyed. Electricity is now available only for three to four hours, there is no water. I was trying to call my brothers, it was barely to call them per WhatsApp, the children were crying and the women were crying hysteric. What happened to our people in Jerusalem did not move any of the Arabic countries, therefore, a stand from Gaza was necessary. 

The thing that we do not understand is the continuous closure of our borders with Egypt. I myself suffered and still physiologically suffering from that. I was supposed to go back to my job in Palestine after I have finished my PhD with great success from Hannover, Germany. However, the Egyptian borders were closed and they refused to give me and my wife and children a Visa to pass only through Egypt to Palestine. Hence, I lost my job and I have even to pay for my home university according to their rules and regulations.

Last Year, I lost my mother, she died from breast cancer, and I did try to visit her but did not succeed. She was till the last moment calling me and wished to see me and my two sons but the Egyptian borders were closed. We the Palestinians still have our believe in Allah, that Allah will give us one day the victory, and that one day we will have our freedom. It is Allah’s promise.

This is just a reflection of how the people of Palestine in Palestine as well as those living overseas are suffering and continue to suffer. However, the Muslim World has miserably failed to do anything practical to solve their problems which could bring an end to their miseries. Incidentally similar is the fate of Kashmiris living in occupied Jammu and Kashmir who are facing the atrocities of Indian occupying forces. Here again the Muslim world has failed to help them.

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