Medics Int. lays Foundation stone of Al-Sadiq International University at Lahore


Medics Int. lays Foundation stone of
Al-Sadiq International University at Lahore
Prof. Shabih Zaidi and Prof. Mulazim Bukhari named as 
founding Chancellor and Vice Chancellor respectively

LAHORE: IMI International has formally laid the foundation stone of Al-Sadiq International University which it plans to establish at Lahore. The ground breaking ceremony was held here on 27th of Ramadan May 22nd 2020, where Prof. Sohail Chughtai an eminent pathologist was the chief guest. Medics international (IMI) it may be mentioned here is a UN accredited NGO formed by Dr. Wajih Rizvi a Dow graduate and his colleagues in 1994-5. It began in a tiny basement corner in New Jersey. Over the years it has grown into a global organization with its head office in Princeton, NJ, USA and chapters in 21 countries. Its membership comprises over 20,000 medics, paramedics, health professionals, volunteers and good Samaritans. The core objective is to serve mankind through health and education.

According to a communication received from Prof. Shabih H. Zaidi IMI has a powerful academic base, as hundreds of its members enjoy the status of Vice Chancellors, Deans, Chairs, Professors, Clinical practitioners etc. in Harvard, Emory, Columbia Mount Sinai, Duke, South Western, Montefiore Einstein and a hundred more institutions in US and Canada. In the UK several top academicians and clinicians hold salient positions in universities in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Imperial college, Royal Marsden, King’s college and so forth. Hundreds of IMI scholars and supporters serve several Universities in Iraq, Iran, India and Pakistan. The southernmost post is in New Zealand.

Prof. Shabih H. Zaidi

In December 2019 IMI held its Silver Jubilee conference in Pakistan in Karachi Islamabad and Lahore. More than 5000 people attended these events spread over a week. Service to humanity in day to day conditions as well as special situations like COVID-19 pandemic, and calamity hit zones anywhere in the world has been their objective. Their volunteers have gone to serve the extremely dangerous war afflicted zones in Syria, and Iraq where even the famous Humanitarian agencies have failed to reach, albeit with IMI’s help. So, having an academic powerhouse in their backyard it was always a dream of the founders to establish a university.

Their representatives travelled far and wide over the last few years, even assisting to build a College of Medicine in Barbados, run courses in Iraq, India, and Pakistan etc. But the burning desire to have their own university was their dream. It kept them restless. On 25th December 2019 at the inaugural ceremony, the Governor Sindh kindly announced to donate a tract of land to IMI in Sindh. It triggered the whole process.

Bureaucracy and red tapism is a known entity in developing countries, so the core group of IMI went on a mission to find a suitable venue to start their university post haste. To cut the story short they found a Trust in Lahore who offered to give a large tract of land. Al Mustafa Trust Lahore must be adequately thanked for their generosity and warm heartedness. Forty four acres of land on Ferozepur road is now the focus of attention. Ten acres of this tract will be used in the initial phases. On 21st May 2020 i.e. 27 Ramadan 2020, was a historic day, morning brought in a ray of sunshine which redeemed the pledge the IMI had made to itself. This dawn awakened them of the dream that had been keeping them awake, all these long years. The IMI Pakistan chapter under the leadership of Prof. Mulazim Bukhari laid the foundation of Al - Sadiq International University and Hospital at 11 am on this day.

Prof. Sohail Chughtai a renowned pathologist and founder of Chughtai Labs chain in Pakistan inaugurated the historic event after Tilawat and Hamdo- Sana and pledged to build one block of the project which will be phased out in three stages. The first stage will consist of outpatient clinics and diagnostics etc. The second and third phase will develop schools of nursing, dentistry and allied services etc. The university hopes to engage other faculties over time. The core faculty and staff will be local to assist the local economy, but a vast number of professors from international universities who constitute the IMI Academic Council will travel on a periodic basis to teach physically as well as virtually, through digital technology linking up the SIU with their parent institutions.

SIU is a charitable institution. Pakistan is famous for supporting charitable institutions. So this appeal goes out to the generous people of Pakistan as well as a hundred countries where they live to support us with their donations. We promise to give the nation a gift unmatchable with anyone else. Pakistan is our homeland. It has given us everything. We owe to return a tiny bit through this University as a token of gratitude like a child to his mother. Our faculty is global and our commitment is proven, through our trek record of service to humanity.

Prof. Sohail Chughtai laying the Foundation stone of the Al-Sadiq International University
an ambitious project of Medics International
on Friday May 22nd at Lahore.

Earlier on Al-Sadiq University launched its Virtual University on 17th May 2020 with an inaugural lecture by Prof. Bagher Larijani on 17th May 2020 at the mega event of IMI which was globally televised. Engaging the latest IT platform developed by a firm called HippoCratics, designed to disseminate knowledge by digital technology: transcending all geographical borders through a series of Webinars, seminars debates and discussions for physicians across the world, as a service to mankind free of cost or obligations. Two famous universities of Iran have already sent an MOU to join the Al - Sadiq Virtual University.

The University of Edinburgh through its Global Health Academy is granting CPD points to the participants in the COVID- 19 related webinars due to be run every Saturday from 6 June 2020.International master trainers and scholars from nearly all continents will disseminate knowledge through Zoom and HippoCratics. Sixty webinars are already identified. Over one hundred sixty scholars have volunteered to disseminate knowledge in this COVID hit famine of education. E- learning is no more the future, it is present. Only last week Cambridge University has announced that all its teachings will be on line in the next academic year. Twitter has closed its offices permanently, encouraging people to work from home. We have seen that happen in most countries anyway.

Pandemics are known to chase the direction of human history. COVID-19 has done the same. The new world order is digital and thank goodness for that as the knowledge which had remained incarcerated in the monasteries, and high walls of universities has suddenly broken its shackles and fetters. Rejoice people, knowledge is liberated and Al - Sadiq University is in the forefront in the field of e-knowledge dissemination. Founders of the al-Sadiq International University have named Prof. Shabih Zaidi as Chancellor, Prof. Mulazim Hussain Bukhari as Vice Chancellor and AVM Razi Nawab is the CEO of the project and Registrar of the university. Further details are available on &

Prof. Shabih H. Zaidi who has been appointed as founder Chancellor of Al-Sadiq University is a graduate of Dow Medical College Karachi, Pakistan. He has a distinguished academic career, has keen interest in research and academic. His special interest also incudes Medical Ethics. He is author of several books, has numerous scientific papers to his credit and has also contributed a large number of book chapters. He has relocated in England in 2001 where he was associated with University of Liverpool Teaching Hospital as ENT Consultant. Later he joined University of Birmingham and is currently assisting a team of medical educators in many countries in developing an online medical undergraduate course. Hence he brings with him rich academic experience.