Dr. Ross Masood and Aziz Khan Tank presented Excellence in Family Medicine Awards


 CFMP Meeting on World Family Medicine Day

Dr. Ross Masood and Aziz Khan Tank presented
Excellence in Family Medicine Awards

Friends of CFMP who were honoured included Profs.  Riaz Qureshi,
Ghaffar Billoo, Zaman Sheikh, Jamal Raza, Khalid Shafi and Samad Shera

KARACHI: College of Family Medicine Pakistan organized a meeting at National Institute of Child Health Karachi on Sunday May 14th to celebrate the World Family Medicine Day. Eminent Family Physicians Dr. Ross Masood and Dr. Aziz Khan Tank who did a lot for the promotion of the discipline of Family Medicine and are some of the important pillars of College of Family Medicine Pakistan were presented Excellence in Family Medicine Awards to recognize their services and contributions. CFMP also honored Friends of Family Medicine who have been contributing to their CME programmes regularly and they included Prof. Riaz Qureshi, Prof. A. Billoo, Prof. Zaman Sheikh, Prof. Jamal Raza, Dr. Khalid Shafi and Dr.Samad Shera.

Speaking at the occasion Dr.Shehla Nasim Secretary General of the College welcomed the participants and the distinguished guests for gracing the occasion with their presence. She also thanked all those who participated in the Certificate Course organized by the CFMP.

Keeping in view the topic selected for the World Family Medicine Day Prof. Iqbal Afridi Head of the Dept.of Psychiatry who is also President of Pakistan Psychiatric Society delivered a lecture on Depression in a very simple easy to understand English-Urdu language. WHO, he said has defined Health as Mental, Social and Physical wellbeing. Every one, he said, must know his strength and weaknesses. He advocated supervisory role for the parents in upbringing their children as various studies have shown its advantages. We need to communicate with each other which will eliminate depression and offer friendly environment for work. That is why the theme for this World Family Medicine Day was Depression- Let us Talk.

Speaking about the global burden of diseases Prof. Iqbal Afridi said that  mental disorders account for almost 26%.Those depressed have four times high risk of dying, have 2.5% more risk of developing Hypertension and Diabetes. He also referred to the intellectual health of the world leaders who take some decisions which result in War in various regions and bring lot of destruction and death. Even WHO should celebrate World Mental Health Day quite frequently keeping in view its disease burden? A study done in UK, Prof. Iqbal Afridi said showed that only 13% of the population had positive mental health. According to WHO there are 330 Million people in the world who are suffering from depression. In fact we all, Prof. Iqbal Afridi opined are vulnerable to depression. Depression affects people between15-45 years of age which is the most productive part of life of an individual. Not treating depression will create more economic problems, depressed patient will not take drugs. We must use our brains otherwise we will lose it. We can defeat depression by improving communication between ourselves. Japan has reduced suicide rate in its population by just improving the communication in the society. Anti-depressants also have anti dementia effects. Work is therapy and work is worship. He laid emphasis on correct selection of anti-depressants. Since the number of psychiatrists are just over five hundred, we need to involve Family Physicians so that they can take care of people suffering from common mental disorders like depression and anxiety and refer the complicated, difficult cases to the psychiatrists in time. He also laid emphasis on rational use of drugs, good sleep and rational use of mobile and laptops etc.

Earlier Dr. A. Samad Shera who was the chief guest on this occasion in his speech highlighted the importance of Continuing Medical Education. He also referred to the problems in undergraduate teaching, clinical training, and lack of structured healthcare delivery system, Fellowship training, Diplomas by various institutions, online courses and emphasized the importance of integrating all of them. Pakistan spends just 2.4% of its GDP on Health which was too low. Our people have lack of even basic knowledge about diabetes. He also talked about screening for complications, referral criteria, education about how to use insulin, integrated and standardized approach in management of diabetes and in special conditions like Gestational Diabetes. To acquire wisdom, one needs good environment and company of good educated people. He also called for rational prescribing of drugs.

Prof. Zaman Shaikh the Program Director of Fighting Diabetes, the certificate course for management of diabetes, launched yet another certificate program on “Endocrine disorders & metabolic bone disease” and presented its details. He also gave some useful tips to Family Physicians and other participants on managing diabetes in Ramadan. He also highlighted various opportunities available for family physicians in dialectology. Prof. Riaz Qureshi in his talk underlined the importance of CME for family physicians.

Certificates were awarded to those family physicians who have successfully attended and completed 11th Revision Course, and those who successfully passed the second certificate course on fighting diabetes. Dr. Mohammad Safdar from Multan stood first, Dr. Shaista Qamar secured second position and Dr. Sadaf Badiuzzaman secured the third position in the diabetes course. They all were presented shields and certificates. Dr. Mohammad Ameen Kharadi presented the vote of thanks.

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