Trauma Workshop by Pakistan Orthopedic Association at Quetta


 Trauma Workshop by Pakistan 
Orthopedic Association at Quetta

By Prof. Fasal Nazeer Hussain

QUETTA: Pakistan Orthopedic Association has formed a new subsidiary body called Trauma Forum along with other sub secialities. This year is the first year of its activities. The board at present comprises of Prof Brig Muhammad Suhail Amin(Chairman), Dr Shoaib Khan, Dr Muhammad Idrees, Dr Amanullah Khan Kakar, Dr M Kazim Rahim Najjad, Prof Faisal Nazeer Hussain, Dr Irshad Bhutto and  Prof Ghulam Mustafa KK.

In its formative meetings at Orthocon 2016 and OASAC 2017 the board felt there was need to improve the practice of trauma care in the country. Trauma was recognised to the main workload of the Orthopedic community and it was decided that every resident be provided with training of International standards regarding fracture care. A two tier workshop development plan was prepared for this purpose. It was also decided that the forum will assist POA in development of optimal training facilities for the trauma care in the country. Recommendations in this regard are already being developed.

First Ortho Basic Trauma Workshop was organized at Bolan Medical College Quetta under the auspices of Trauma Forum Pakistan Orthopedic Association, OASAC and Orthocon2017. It was a two day educational activity held in Post Graduate Medical Institute on May 13th and 14th. The workshop was targeted at trainee residents and junior surgeons in Orthopedic Surgery. Department of Orthopedic Surgery BMC headed by Prof. Masood Ahmed Qazi and Dr Ammanullah Khan Kakar who coordinated the workshop and had arranged the venue dividing it into lecture and Skills lab area. The course director Prof. Brig. Muhammad Suhail Amin had devised the course concentrating upon transfer of hands on operative skills and knowledge of latest orthopedic Implants to budding Orthopedics surgeons.  It was well attended by the local trainees and young Orthopedic Surgeons.


Group photograph shows participants of the Trauma course organized by Trauma Forum of Pakistan
Orthopedic Association at Quetta recently along with the facilitators.

The course was formally inaugurated by Dr. Farid Medical Superintendent of Sandeman Civil Hospital Quetta. In his welcome address he said that such teaching activities in Balochistan will go a long way in upgrading the training standards of young surgeons in Orthopedics. Dr Amannullah the course coordinator introduced the faculty members to the participants. Faculty comprised of local medical teachers and senior faculty members from all over the country. Dr Muhammad Shoaib and Dr Muhammad Idrees had come from Peshawar and taught on both days. Prof Zaki Idrees, Pervaiz Anjum, Ghulam Mustafa KK, Kazim Najad, and Dr Irshad Bhutto flew in from Karachi. Prof Sohail Amin and Prof Faisal Nazeer Hussain joined in from Lahore. Prof. Sohail Amin introduced the audience to the trauma forum POA and its objectives. He said Pakistan Orthopedics Association has a rich history of supporting academic activities and has begun to encourage development of subspecialty organizations under its flag. He welcomed the participants and told them how the next two days would be spent. He said that the course curriculum was divided into five modules. First two modules introduced the participants to the basics of Primary Trauma care, Management of Poly trauma Care (Dr SHoaib Khan), Damage Control Orthopedics and Early Total Care (Prof Faisal Nazeer Hussain). Special emphasis was placed over revision of basics of fracture classifications (Dr Amanullah Kakar), Soft tissue injuries, fracture healing (Dr Muhammad Idrees) and conservative treatment (Dr Irshad Bhtto & Dr Kazim Najad). During the workshops area supervised time hands on opportunity was provided to participants to practice plaster making, skeletal traction and splint application. Prof. Faisal Nazeer Hussain taught about tension band principal in his lecture and supervised the hands on exercise. One work station was dedicated to teach about prefabricated and customized orthotics support in fracture treatment. In between working tea and lunch was provided to the participants.

The third module pertained to the basics of operative treatment of fractures. Prof Sohail Amin laid the foundation of further learning exercise by explaining to the participants how fractures heal in absolute and semi rigid fixation.  The students were introduced to the concept of Interfragmentary lag screw fixation by Prof Zaki Idrees.

The fourth module dealt with fracture fixation with absolute rigidity. Prof Ghulam Mustafa KK explained to the participants to the development of various plates and their uses. The group then moved to the workshop area where the participants were given the hands on chance to practice lag screw fixation and dynamic compression plating. There was keen participation of the trainees to learn the craft of bone fixation.

Second day began with the introduction to the fifth module by course director. Biology and mechanics of relative stability. Prof Zaki Idrees talked about Intra-Medullary Nailing, Prof Suhail Amin IL IM Nail, Prof Masood Qazi Bridge plating, Dr Shoaib Khan External fixation, Prof Suhail Amin External fixation and Dr Kazim Najad spoke about MIPO & LCP. LCPs & Anatomical pre-contoured LCPs were shown and their usage was explained in the workshop area. Hands on practice was done by the delegates on saw dust bones regarding IL Naling and external fixation.