Public Awareness Session for patients with diabetes at Northwest General Hospital, Peshawar


 Public Awareness Session for patients
with diabetes at Northwest General 
Hospital, Peshawar

From Dr Arshad Hussain

PESHAWAR: Fasting in Ramadan has many spiritual and health benefits. Ramadan gives us the opportunity fulfil our duty to Allah (SWT), cleanse our bodies and soul, and practice self-restraint. For some people with diabetes, fasting can be dangerous or can cause problems to their health. Hence in order to create awareness and educate the patients with diabetes, the Department of Diabetes & Endocrine at North West General Hospital (NWGH) Peshawar organised a public awareness meeting on Saturday the 13th May 2017. Amongst the attendees were patients with diabetes, family members/carers of the diabetic patients, and trainee doctors.In order to ensure that the patients understand the message, all presentations and discussion were in Urdu.

Dr Asif Nawaz postgraduate trainee spoke on the topic of what happens to your body during fasting in Ramadan and how to look after your diabetes during Ramadan. The point was raised that one must visit their doctor before making the decision to fast during Ramadan.

Dr. Arshad Hussain and other speakers speaking at the Public Awareness session on Diabetes and
organized at NorthWest General Hospital recently.

Dr. Hira Iftikhar anotherpostgraduate trainee talked about the common questions asked and provided their answers about fasting in Ramadan for patients with Diabetes. These include:

  • I have diabetes, can I fast?
  • I am pregnant and have diabetes, should I fast?
  • Should I continue to take my medications?
  • What is hypoglycaemia or a Hypo?
  • How do I treat a Hypoglycaemia?
  • If I fast, how should I stay safe?
  • Is it OK to test my blood glucose in Ramadan while I am fasting?

Dr. Arshad Hussain Consultant Physician in Diabetes Mellitus & Endocrine in his presentation discussed the following issues:

  • What problems could I encounter in Ramadan with diabetes?
  • Symptoms of Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia
  • Symptoms & risks of dehydration and how to deal with it
  • Is high sugar a problem during Ramadan?
  • Exercise and Fasting during Ramadan
  • Can I pray Taraweeh? Can I walk to Taraweeh?
  • When to END/BREAK the fast
  • Who are High risk patients and advised NOT to FAST
  • Medium and low risk who can fast with caution

Dr. Shafqat, chief nutritionist at the hospital discussed Healthy diet, Dietary options in Ramadan for patients on Insulin and for those taking oral medications, Do I need to wake up at Suhoor to eat?, What types of drinks can I have?, What types of food should I eat? , What types of food should I eat at Eid-ul-Fitar?


Dr. Arshad Hussain Consultant Endocrinologist at NorthWest General Hospital
photographed along with Dr. Kamran, Dr. Iftikhar at the Public Awareness session
on Diabetes and Ramadan organized at NorthWest
General Hospital recently.

The presentations were followed by lively discussion. There was an information desk outside the hall where specialist diabetes educators were present to help answer any queries related to diabetes. There were ample leaflets about diet, sugar control and high blood pressure for the patient to take away with them. Many patients took keen interest. There were glucometers and different insulin injecting pen devices to educate patients about it. The overall feedback was very good and it was felt there is a greater need for such informative programmes especially for public awareness.

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