UHS and PharmEvo sign MoU for Online Innovative CME/CDE Portal (Digital CME)


UHS and PharmEvo sign MoU for Online
 Innovative CME/CDE Portal (Digital CME) 

State of the art online education portal to utilize latest educational
technologies to prepare courses according to online educational theories

KARACHI: University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore and PharmEvo has signed an MoU for Online CME portal for initiating CME/CDE courses for the healthcare professionals to build up their professional capacity.  This MOU was signed here on May 25, 2015 by Maj. Gen. Prof. M. Aslam Vice Chancellor of UHS and Mr. Syed Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating Officer of PharmEvo. This private public partnership in the field of medical education is the first such activity in the country which will go a long way in updating the knowledge of healthcare professionals which will also improve patient care. To realize this objective PharmEvo will provide hardware and software support besides faculty courses and workshops for development of online educational programs to strengthen medical education system for long-term sustainability.


UHS and PharmEvo have signed an MOU to launch state of the art
Digital CME programme at UHS. Photograph shows Prof. Maj. Gen.
M. Aslam (Center) VC UHS sitting along with Syed Jamshed Ahmad
COO of PharmEvo and Dr. Masood Jawaid Director Medical Affairs
of PharmEvo at the formal MOU signing ceremony at Karachi Press Club
on May 25th. On extreme left is Mr. Umair BUH in PharmEvo
who conducted the session.

Speaking at the formal MoU signing ceremony, held at Karachi Press Club, Dr. Masood Jawaid, Director Medical Affairs of PharmEvo said that this state of the art online education portal in health education will utilize latest educational technologies; courses will be built according to online educational theories which are different from traditional classroom. Participants engagement and involvement during learning process will be given due importance in online CMEs. Giving further technical details Dr. Masood Jawaid who is the project director for this innovative initiative said that different technologies utilized for course development will be flash simulation scenarios, interactive videos, interactive flash presentations, discussion forums, quizzes etc. Online learning, he further stated, plays a significant role in a lifelong education of physicians.

Mr. Syed Jamshed Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer PharmEvo stated that in the World this is not a new phenomenon; even 12 online CME courses provided by Canadian Medical Association were developed in collaboration with multinational pharmaceutical company. In Pakistan, this is a unique initiative taken by UHS in collaboration with PharmEvo for the shared vision of working for improvement of education, patient care and the society at large.  It will not only build the professional capacity of the healthcare professionals but also improve patient care and standard of practice by the doctors which is the ultimate objective. PharmEvo works as a vehicle for knowledge dissemination. Being an ethical company, we always uphold professional ethics which is appreciated by the medical profession. PharmEvo has always remained on the forefront for such Corporate Social Responsibilities. It includes development of Learning Resource Center which PharmEvo has established at over 30 medical institutions all over Pakistan, literacy activities among doctors, provision of Wifi Zone in numerous tertiary care centers while this project of Digital CME is the latest addition in our academic portfolio.

Prof. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Aslam Vice Chancellor UHS exchanging
the MOU documents with Syed Jamshed Ahmad Chief Operating
Officer of PharmEvo after addressing a press conference at Karachi
Press Club on May 25th. On extreme left is Dr. Masood Jawaid
Director Medical Affairs at PharmEvo who is the project director of
this innovative Digital CME initiative being started at
University of Health Sciences Lahore.

Major General (R) Prof. Muhammad Aslam, Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences said we all should keep the welfare of the community in the forefront. Our objective should always be to provide healthcare at affordable cost. Digital CME, he said, will close the gap between expert faculty and all health care providers of the country.  Medical institutions in general and universities in particular play a vital role in producing research, coming up with innovative ideas in investigations and treatment through research. With the recent guidelines of PMDC that for renewal of registration of every doctor, must attend CME activities; this is a very positive step. There is great demand for CME/CDE activities which is difficult to organize for each and every doctor throughout the country. As such we have come up with an innovative solution using internet as one of the answers to solve this problem.  A careful study will reveal that about fifty to sixty diseases are very common and if they are managed, treated; it can take care of almost 80-90% of the health problems faced by the community. This model is successfully utilized around the world. Three fourth of medical educational institutions of the world have online portal. Digital CME is about affordable and quality education, learning at any time, any pace and place.  New models of teaching have already emerged that have the potential to take online learning to even greater heights. We at UHS, General Aslam stated,  never compromise on quality. For the online courses as well; expert faculty in their respective fields will be selected. We have developed a system of peer review with subject expert, medical educationist and educational technologist for each course. We will make sure that every course is updated with latest information on regular basis, he added.

Responding to the questions Syed Jamshed Ahmad said that their Pharmacist project was functioning well. It provides information not only regarding drugs and on adverse drug reactions but poisoning as well. In fact we have so far received numerous phone calls related to poisoning due to use of pesticides in the rural areas. Answering another question Maj. Gen. Aslam said that there was no commercial interest involved in this project. As a public sector university, we do not charge any fee from the postgraduates but on the contrary also provide them some scholarships to those doing M.Phil and Ph.D at the UHS. In Digital CME, PharmEvo will provide the hardware; Dr. Masood Jawaid will provide the software and look after other technical details of the project while UHS will certify these courses. We are already doing some project with Dr. Masood Jawaid and when he presented this innovative idea to UHS, we accepted it since it was in line with our objectives of keeping the healthcare professionals update in latest developments, providing them CME and looking after their Continuous Professional Development as well, Gen. Aslam remarked. He also commended the initiative taken by PharmEvo which will encourage other pharmaceutical companies as well to get involved in CME and CPD of healthcare professionals rather than concentrating on unethical marketing practices.

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