PDNF will help identifying diagnosis, treatment options for Diabetic Neuropathy - Prof. Zaman Sheikh


Pakistan Diabetic Neuropathy Foundation (PDNF) Launched
PDNF will help identifying diagnosis,
treatment options for Diabetic
Neuropathy - Prof. Zaman Sheikh
Primary care should be given first
priority-Prof.Ejaz Ahmed Vohra

By Mubarak Ali

KARACHI: College of Family Medicine Pakistan, in collaboration with Dynatis Pakistan has launched Pakistan Diabetic Neuropathy Foundation (PDNF) with aims to empower doctors to effectively manage and treat patients with Diabetic Neuropathy. Considering the rising prevalence of Diabetic Neuropathy in Pakistan, this foundation will facilitate research initiatives and academic workshops that will help in analysis, diagnosis, and management of the disease. This was announced at a press conference held at a local hotel here on July 7, 2021.

Prof. Zaman Shaikh, the Chief Parton of the foundation, speaking at the occasion said that Diabetic neuropathy has the worst consequence of diabetes mellitus leading to nerve dysfunction which leads loss of sensitivity, damage to body systems, foot ulcers, morbidity and amputations etc. He expressed his concern in the rising number of Diabetic Neuropathy in Pakistan, and highlighted the importance of platform like (PDNF) which will help in identifying diagnosis and treatment options for doctors across the country. He further emphasized on the efforts of this working group to collectively form a consensus statement towards the management of this disease, which will help clinicians all over Pakistan in improving clinical outcomes related to Diabetic Neuropathy. First time when diabetes is diagnosed, it is reported that 19% patients have already developed diabetic neuropathy. PDNF he stated will be a noncommercial body and all its members have honorary job. Main purpose of this body is Research and Education of healthcare providers and general public by arranging public seminars, he added.

College of Family Medicine Pakistan and Dynatis Pakistan signed an MOU to formally
launch Pakistan Diabetic Neuropathy Foundation (PDNF). Picture taken on the occasion
shows MOU documents being exchanged by Prof. Ejaz Vohra Dr. Shehla Naseem Prof.
Zaman Shaikh and Mr. Ahmer Asad. Picture also shows from (L to R) Mr. Osama Masood,
Mr. Hussain Zahid, Mr. Ajmal Khan Marketing Manager, Associate Director and Business
Manager Dynatis Pakistan respectively.

Prof. Ejaz Ahmed Vohra, Founding member of (PDNF) addressing the participants said that Diabetes is rampant in our country which is affecting various organ of the body. Our main focus should be to promote research and treatment options. Promoting health is more important than creating diseases. Aim of this foundation, he stated is to promote research and provide information how to prevent diabetic neuropathy. It is very important to educate the patients besides research and better diagnosis, Primary care should be given first priority he added. Health Card Scheme by the Government, Prof. Vohra said is a good step but it doesn’t have any role for prevention of the diseases. We have to set our priorities and major focus should be on prevention rather than treatment of diseases. He lauded the efforts of Dynatis Pakistan for their support for this noble cause and offered his support and willingness for the development and cascading of treatment guidelines for DPNP. Prof. Vohra also highlighted the importance of formation of a patient registry which would help clinicians to conduct researches for better understanding of complications of Diabetes Mellitus.

Dr. Shehla Naseem, Secretary General College of Family Medicine Pakistan, also pledged efforts of members of CFMP for the benefit of patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy. We started fighting diabetes programme and at present we have three hundred twenty seven certified general practitioners who attended six month course. We do not have so many endocrinologist and to overcome this shortage we started MSc in diabetes and endocrinology, neuropathy. From the platform of DPNP, doctors will be equipped with advance knowledge and management protocols, she added.

Mr. Ahmer Asad, Head of Commercial from Dynatis Pakistan said that Dynatis Pakistan always promised quality medicine and enhancing the capacity building of healthcare providers. We have commitment for this academic cause, our team looks forward to series of successful initiatives focused on promising wellness in the society. Dynatis will extend its support in term of financial and logistics which will help to create awareness for better options of treatment and management of Diabetic neuropathy, he hoped.