About six thousand HCPs get infected with COVID19


About six thousand HCPs get 
infected with COVID19
Some precious lives have been lost
while family members of those infected are
suffering from psychological disorders
Since managing COVID19 patients is
very stressful job, HCPs duty hours
needs to be reduced so that they
must get adequate rest

ISLAMABAD: According to reports so far about six thousand healthcare professionals which includes doctors, nurses, paramedics and other support staff have been infected with COVID19 infection. We have lost many precious live of HCPs while the family members of those HCPs who have been infected are suffering from various psychological disorders. According to some unconfirmed reports some of the doctors working in public healthcare facilities have decided to resign and give up their jobs due to extreme stressful conditions under which they have to work while some are also considering to even give up the profession altogether. A large number of elderly senior healthcare professionals who are a greater risk are not attending their clinics ever since the COPVID19 pandemic started in Pakistan.

The fatal cases among the HCPs include some very senior faculty members in medical colleges while at present the Vice Chancellor of a public sector medical university is in a very critical condition. He has been on ventilator for the last many days and was also put on ECMO for some time. Administration of public healthcare facilities these days is again a very frustrating and stressful job where one has to create a balance between the meagre resources and facilities available and also coming up to the increased expectations of the public who come to these hospitals. While those in authority i.e the Ministers, politicians are content with holding press conferences and issuing statements, it is the healthcare professionals and the junior doctors and nurses in particular who have to face difficult situation. Many a times there have been incidence of violence by the patient’s attendants who are brought to the hospital too late when very little can be done to save them. Since managing these COVID19 patients is a very stressful job, those looking after these patients should be asked to work in a four hour shift to ensure that there is minimum burnout and they get enough rest before coming back again to manage these patients. Since COVID19 is going to remain with us for some time, the authorities must look into the needs of healthcare professionals and also ensure that the relief package announced for them which includes additional pay, allowances and Shuhda Package is implemented. The government must also look after the children of those who have lost their lives while serving the ailing humanity.